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Why it is necessary to debunk misconceptions and myths related to COVID-19? Explains Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius

Eric Dalius says COVID-19 is indeed a health emergency that led to the development of half-baked and false ideas about its transmission, treatment, and other related queries. The virus spread at lightning speed throughout the world, which led to panic and hypertension among people. Undoubtedly whenever there is a worldwide health crisis, it leads to unsubstantiated false ideas and beliefs. However, the COVID-19 pandemic generated more confusion because it was an unknown virus and due to the outsized influence of social media.

You must understand them it is imperative to debunk myths related to the virus to maintain mental stability.

COVID-19 is an airborne disease

You must know that earlier, certain viruses were airborne, but there is no clarity concerning their air transmission. The concept that it is airborne is yet not clear, and people think that even sitting inside the building, they can get infected cause the virus can travel through air ducts. However, it is a misconception because that is not what airborne transmission of the disease means. The interpretation of the word airborne could be very different for different people. Unless you clearly understand the story’s performance, you should not spread false rumors because many people are getting mental instability because of the myth circulation related to the virus. People are not getting scared because of the virus but because of the confusion created by it, believes Eric Dalius.

Natural infection can bring herd immunity – Eric Dalius

Many people are under the illusion that they can achieve immunity by natural infection in the absence of a vaccine. However, people need to understand that if they want to get herd immunity through transmission, many people’s lives will get endangered. Currently, most of the people all around the globe are already infected, and many are dying. If you want to achieve herd immunity, the infection threshold should be around 70%, which means putting the lives of many in danger. So far, there has never been a global natural infection to achieve herd immunity for any pathogen. Local populations can think of achieving herd immunity. However, you cannot rely on this kind of immunity to save the global population’s life.

Faulty data – Eric Dalius

The quality of data circulating on viruses or pathogens is very tricky and requires proper analysis for better interpretation. If you want to understand it better, you should not look at one source of data. Several factors influence data quality, such as the person reporting consistency and the source from where the data comes. There have been many instances where data has led to a lot of confusion related to the pathogen. As such, before believing or relying on any data, you should check on the reliability of the circulated data, says Eric J Dalius. You can depend on the data, but do not take it as a road map to carve out your future.

Theories regarding the asymptomatic transmission– Eric Dalius

Many people got tested positive, but without having any symptoms. However, it is a wrong notion because many people showed signs of the virus much later. There might be situations where people do not recognize some symptoms as COVID-19 symptoms, such as diarrhea. You need to be careful as there is a considerable amount of transmission from pre-symptomatic people. Therefore, it is becoming difficult to control the virus because many people are carrying the infection without having any symptoms. Thus, it would help if you focus on the virus’s pre-symptomatic information more than asymptomatic transmission. It can also significantly lead to the outspread of disease during the pandemic.

The virus is not fatal for young people

It would help if you did not believe in the rumors that children and young adults do not get sick from the virus. You are equally susceptible to the COVID virus if you do not take proper precautions. However, you might say that it is true that young people have only shown mild symptoms of the disease, but it is not true that young people are immune to the virus. Therefore, even young adults should not feel relaxed that it is not fatal for them, but they should think about the society at large since they can equally transmit the virus to somebody who might fall severely sick.

Hydroxychloroquine is a lifesaving drug– Eric Dalius

Research is still going on hydroxychloroquine’s efficiency in depicting measurable medical benefits in controlling the pathogen. Therefore, you should not purchase this drug mindlessly, creating a shortage in the medicine market. Wait for approvals from the medical experts before you rely on this drug blindly, warns Eric Dalius.

Many experts regard COVID-19 as the flu, thereby circulating misleading information among the masses. People believe it is the flu because they want to take it lightly and learn to live with it, just like people who learned to live with the flu. However, you must understand that flu and this unknown pathogen are very different from each other though they might have overlapping symptoms; the mortality rate in the case of COVID-19 is much higher. Hence, it would be unfair to make a comparison between COVID and flu. Both flu and COVID-19 are respiratory viruses, but they are very different from each other in virology.

COVID-19 is just a flu

As such, every person must understand that if they get vaccinated for COVID, they will not be immune to the flu and if they get a flu shot, you will not remain guarded against COVID. However, many medical professionals still urge people to get the flu shot to protect against viruses and diseases. Every person should take care of their health, either young or old, as getting infected. The virus can create severe health issues. It would be best to believe myths but rather believe in information with substance, not to become paranoid.  If you do not know what leads to the spread of the virus, then uncertainty might lead to vague ideas.