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What EJ Dalius Deciphers About The Pharmaceutical Industry In The Post Lockdown Era

Eric Dalius

Summary: The post lockdown period implies new horizons for pharmaceutical companies. Find out the views of EJ Dalius in this regard.

The COVID-19 outbreak has created an unnecessary situation in society. As a whole, which is now dealing with the fear of infection on the one hand and its emotional, financial, and physical impact. Eric Dalius feels that the magnitude of the effect is still unclear. Especially about the new responsibilities that the pharma companies need to manage. However, the sector that has taken magnanimous pressure is the health care sector. From explaining the safety guidelines to patients in treating people suspected and confirmed patients, the professionals. In the healthcare industry need to personalize the treatment options. Furthermore, the workers in this sector are also worried about their financial security.

Pharmaceutical Companies

One of the most important wings of the health sector is the pharmaceutical companies, which have largely based their core. Thinking on ways to deal with the immediate challenges, such as providing more access. To the medicines and supporting the requirements of patients and the institutions. Apart from this, they are also into finding ways to protect their employees and helping them to adapt to the new environment.

As far as the primary focus of the pharma companies is concerned. The post lockdown period requires them to brace up their services to cater to the patients and ensure a free supply of vital drugs. Despite the abilities of the leading pharmaceutical companies to cater to the impending needs of patients in the post lockdown era. They are unsure about the activities they need to manage in the post lockdown period. Some of the challenges they face are:

  • The ways in which the requirements and preferences of the patients are going to change in the long run.
  • How will the teams from pharmaceutical companies start going to the HCPs again?
  • How should the commercial pharmaceutical companies acclimatize with the new environment?

Here are a few things that according to EJ Dalius should be among the lessons the pharmaceutical companies need to learn.

  • The pharma companies need to focus on their planning early as reviewing the upcoming situation. Will allow them to create a backup plan for the future.
  • Envisaging how the business is likely to operate when the employees need to go for quarantine is a good way to go.
  • The top-level employees of the pharmaceutical company should have a flexible attitude against quarantined employees as the latter also have family and children.
  • To deal with sudden developments, such as the rising case of the outbreak, the pharmaceutical companies need to maintain adequate supplies of stocks.
  • During the situation of pandemic, manufacturing products locally can turn out to be costly. However, it is better to stay away from the intervention of international trade in the manufacturing process.
  • The AI tools, the process of automation, and QMS systems can better suggest the ways to promote the growth of the company.

The final word

Although there will be a massive reduction of several consumable goods and products. In the market, the demand for essential goods will rise. Among the trading goods according to EJ Dalius to stay in good shape are pharmaceutical products. Medical supplies and goods, perishable food products, and hospital items.