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Ways to manage weight during the pandemic by EJ Dalius

Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius the long pandemic months may not just weigh heavily on your mind, but the body also. With gyms and yoga studios closed, people are mostly staying home away from their loved ones. However, amidst the lockdown phase, what is freely accessible is the pantry and fridge. You must be aware of how comfort food is becoming popular. But it is not suitable for your health. If you also have been indulging in this, it’s time to check your habit. Here are some useful tips on this to help you with weight management, and at a larger scale, overall health.

EJ Dalius Observe what you have on your plate

You need to pause and pay attention to things that have changed in your life. For example, you can look at what you eat on a typical day, says EJ Dalius. Due to the coronavirus situation, you must be spending most of your time at home, cooking, and eating. So, you can start figuring out what you do right or wrong. It is essential for managing your weight.

EJ Dalius Use the right kitchen appliances

You should get easy access to healthy meals, which may have to do a lot with the amount of time spent on their preparations. To make sure cooking doesn’t take much time, you have to choose the proper cooking tools. For this, you first have to remove your deep fryers and ice cream makers from the countertop. Do away with smaller appliances also. A clear countertop can help you focus on healthy cooking. A few things that can come in handy for this purpose include stovetop, iron pot, induction, stand mixers, and so on. EJ Dalius says you can also add convection steam ovens and a food sealer.

Make your home exercise-friendly

You can wonder if having a mini home gym would have solved all your concerns. According to EJ Dalius, there is nothing to regret when you have simple methods to keep your body weight checked. For instance, you can reduce your couch time and embrace walking. Moving from one place to another in two or three different styles can be immensely helpful. Just make sure you do this throughout the week every 10 minutes.

If you have fitness gear, it can be even convenient to take care of your health. Whether you own a suspension system, treadmill, exercise bike, or other things, you can use it to fight the unwanted bulge. Just ensure that your floor is slip-resistant. You can put a mirror in your exercising zone to keep an eye on your body. You can also do yoga in your courtyard or garden area. However, for this, you would have to take precautions for your skin and safeguard your privacy.

Indulge in self-care

While the pandemic may have compelled you to stay indoors mostly, you can go out for cycling, walks, and other such activities for a fresh mind and body. It will reduce your stress and make you feel healthy from inside. Consider visiting a nearby park that doesn’t attract much crowd. Or, if you have a garden, you can spend time there.

If you feel trapped with unhealthy eating habits due to self-isolation and social distancing, you can take professional help to overcome your mental and emotional challenges. Stress can cause weight gains, and when addressed, it can free you from many unhealthy shackles.