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Top 4 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Businesses Need to Avoid – Eric Dalius Saivian

Eric Dalius Saivian

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the greatest marketing tools for businesses says Eric Dalius Saivian. With the ability to communicate with the audience base, share your content, target potential customers and clients, Facebook is a mandatory marketing platform for businesses. However, many marketers still make mistakes while promoting their brand on Facebook. Sometimes the mistakes are so severe that they end up damaging the whole Facebook marketing campaign. 

Creating a Facebook business page takes less than a minute. You just need to upload a profile picture, cover photo, write some content, and invite your friends to like your Facebook business page. However, this is only the first task. 

The primary objective of Facebook marketing is to build engagement with potential customers as well as retain existing customers. With more than 2 billion active users, you might think that promoting your business on Facebook is an easy task. But it’s only effective when you avoid Facebook marketing mistakes. 

Here are the top 4 Facebook marketing mistakes your business needs to avoid. 

Now Showcasing the Personal Side of Your Business

Most Facebook users use the platform to connect with their family and friends. So, if make your Facebook business page interesting, you need to build personal communication rather than a personal approach. Instead of uploading promotional posts all the time, upload content that showcases the personal side of your business. For instance, upload stories of your employees or upload images of your customers and workplace. You can also host a live session on Facebook where you’ll discuss the specifications of your products. Additionally, don’t forget to share your experiences as a marketer. 

You Don’t Focus on the Visitors, Added Eric Dalius Saivian

Facebook is not a platform for irrelevant business promotion. Your target customer will follow your Facebook business page and engage with your content only when the uploaded contents are relevant, empowering, engaging, and informative. 

For instance, sharing the business expenses or customer base growth is the ideal content for LinkedIn, but you cannot convey the same message on Facebook. Make sure you convey appropriate messages so that your visitors can feel interested in your content. 

You Publish Content Inconsistently

If you upload thirty posts in one month and sit idle for the next two, it will affect your Facebook business page. Eric Dalius Saivian says creating an audience base on social media platforms is a time-consuming process. But when you upload content every day, it will indicate that you’re active on Facebook. This will motivate potential customers to follow your Facebook page. 

Publishing one post per day is great as long as you maintain the consistency level. However, keep in mind that uploading too much content daily will irritate your customers. Hence, make sure you control the quantity of the posts too. 

You Don’t Create Detailed Profile on Facebook

It will take your visitors a couple of seconds to generate an impression about your Facebook business page. Remember that their first impression will influence their future actions. Here are few tips to make your Facebook profile more attractive:

  • While uploading a profile picture and cover photos, use images of high-quality
  • Personalize the URL to your company name
  • Add CTA button to your Facebook page
  • Choose a relevant business category
  • Include appropriate contact information
  • Respond to the reviews quickly


These are the top 4 Facebook marketing mistakes your business needs to avoid. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment down below.