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Tips to take care of people with asthma during Covid-19 by Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius

Eric Dalius the pandemic is scary for everybody, but people who have asthma have more reason to get scared because they are more likely to get infected by the virus. You must know that there has been no concrete evidence regarding Covid and asthma’s relationship. But people with Covid have severe breathing problems. Therefore if you have asthma, you could be at a greater risk of getting infected with disastrous results. Many studies are trying to find out the inter-relationship between asthma and the Covid virus.

However, the majority of the studies could not find any risk relation between the two. Many studies have also revealed that people with asthma are at no risk of getting infected with this pathogen. However, people who have non-allergic asthma might get severely infected with Covid-19.

Many surveys have revealed a minimal number of death rates in asthma patients. Hence, the results are different for different countries, so you cannot generalize at the present moment. There is no concrete written data to determine the Interrelationship or lack of connection between the two. As such, people with asthma should be careful, anyway.

How to take care of a patient with asthma During Covid?

Even though there is a lack of proper evidence between asthma and the covid virus, you must take essential precautions to avoid falling seriously ill. Any ailment during the pandemic can become fatal because there are fewer medical professionals and a lack of medical facilities. Thus watch out to remain safe

. Please find out your triggers and stay away from them

You must understand the irritants and allergens that trigger asthma as it is one of the best ways. To control asthma symptoms because when you avoid the asthma triggers, you will not get attacks.

. Timely take your prescribed medications

Many people become very careless when they do not see asthma symptoms. As such, they stop taking controllers. Some people also feel that they do not need to take the medications; they can avoid triggers since they stay indoors. However, this is not the case as asthma is a chronic ailment, and it requires treatment on a long term basis. It does not matter even though you stay indoors during a pandemic and do not feel symptoms; you have to take your medications timely daily to avoid asthma attacks, says Eric Dalius. During the pandemic, getting emergency medical facilities has become quite tricky; you need to ensure that you do not get asthma attacks to avoid dreadful situations.

. Ask your doctor to teach you how to use the inhaler

It is imperative for anybody who has asthma to know how to take the inhaler so that the medicine directly reaches your airways. You must show a medical professional or your doctor how you use the inhaler to correct you if you are wrong. Even ask a healthcare professional to give you suggestions on improving your technique so that the maximum amount of medication reaches your lungs. If due to a pandemic, you do not have access to medical professionals, you can watch videos online to help you learn to use the inhaler. Do not wait for a difficult situation to occur. You should take precautions and remain ready beforehand.

. Avoid all kinds of smoking

Smoking is a nasty habit, and it can lead to severe health issues. People who have asthma and indulge in smoking should immediately quit smoking because it can improve the symptoms’ frequency. If you quit smoking, you will see a limited effect of asthma symptoms, and even the frequency will get reduced. Moreover, you might even get cured of the disease because medication effectiveness increases if you do not nullify it with smoking. Many people complain that even if they are not smoking, they still notice asthma symptoms. Such people should avoid passive smoking because second-hand smoke can also trigger asthma symptoms, leading to severe health issues. As such, even if you stay home-tied during the pandemic and have people in your home smoking, then you should avoid close contact at least 30 minutes after they smoke.

. Do exercise regularly

When you exercise regularly, it would improve your breathing muscles, boost your immunity, and keep your body weight checked. You must consult your doctor before you start working out to ensure that you remain safe. If you are noticing severe symptoms of asthma, you should refrain from vigorous exercises. Do inform the doctor about your symptoms and keep in touch with them through Tele Medication, so you do not suffer because of the pandemic advice Eric J Dalius.

. Carve out an emergency asthma plan during the pandemic

You must know that asthma shows variable symptoms; that might become better sometimes and might become very severe at other times. As such, you need to know how to adjust your medicines in different scenarios. Moreover, you should immediately take medical help if you see things go out of control. Even ask your health care provider to give you an individualized asthma action recovery plan in case of any emergency as there is a limited medical facility during the pandemic.

. Stay away from any virus

People who get infected with the flu are more likely to show symptoms of asthma. Therefore avoid getting infected with the flu virus to have limited symptoms. You must regularly wash your hands and get your flu shot timely to remain fit and healthy during the pandemic, suggests Eric J Dalius.

You may even call on an asthma helpline number to get more valuable advice on treating yourself if you notice severe asthma symptoms. The main idea is to remain prepared if you have an asthma patient at home to not face difficult situations amidst the crisis. Keep all medications ready in advance, and stay in touch with your concerned doctor about your medical condition. It would help you to make decisions in case of an emergency. It would help if you kept a backup plan in case your primary plan does not work out.