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The Most Distracting Music Genres You Should Probably Avoid While Working

Most distracting music genres.

Certain music genres, such as classical music or music involving string instruments, can improve focus and concentration for some people.

However, the same cannot be said for every type of music and, in this blog, we will discuss some of the most distracting genres that you should steer clear of while working.

The Most Distracting Music Genres You Should Probably Avoid While Working

1)   Metal

Metal, as good and popular as it is, is far from the best choice for someone looking to clear their headspace. The hard and jagged instruments, coupled with loud lyrics can be very distracting and make it impossible to work.

Besides, Metal demands your undivided attention towards its fine musical capabilities. This is fine if you are unoccupied, perhaps not so much if you are consolidating the quarterly financial statements for your company.

2)   Screamo

As you can guess, the Screamo genre is loud. In fact, it Screamo arguably demands even more of your focus than Metal does. Hardcore, aggressive aesthetics are characteristic of Screamo, with plenty of influence from its punk and rock parent-genres.

Needless to say, it can be extremely distracting, and can make it near impossible for you to go through the pile of candidate applications in front of you. In other words, Screamo does little to create a controlled working environment for most people.

3)   EDM

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is known for its blaring and flashing beats produced by rhythmic electronic instruments. We are quite sure that this description itself did not induce feelings of relaxation and calm. If anything, it was an apt description for a rave party. It produces the image of bass drops and clubbing music ideal for creating a crazy dancing atmosphere. It is a genre that can easily and fully absorb you.

Dubstep and techno EDM offshoots are just as undesirable to listen to while working, since they also rely on pumped out musical tools, bass drops, and a rhythm that forces you to drop everything and dance like a dervish. So, all in all, EDM will not rank very highly in the list of best work genres.

4)    Pop-Rock

Pop-rock is upbeat, catchy, and quick-paced, making the genre a likeable for many people. They are versatile and are suitable for almost any situation. However, it is precisely this commercial appeal that can also make pop-rock somewhat distracting. 

The lows and highs in a typical pop-rock song produce a rollercoaster of emotions. But, creating your presentation or completing a brief should be less of a stomach-dropping rollercoaster ride and more of a pleasant train experience.

 Wrapping Up

To sum up, these are the four genres that, we believe, are best avoided while working. That said, music tastes are very subjective, and what might be distracting to one person may be pleasant and calming to another.

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Summary: Certain types of music can increase your productivity and focus, while others can have the opposite effect. This article covers the most distracting music genres you should avoid while working.