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Psychometric Tests Why Should You Include Them in Your Recruitment Process Explains Saivian Eric Dalius

Saivian Eric Dalius

Long gone are the days when screening resumes and interviewing shortlisted candidates would suffice to find suitable talent for a job role. Today, this conventional recruitment process has developed a few pitfalls that prevent organizations from hiring top talent. Candidates can write false information in their resumes to grab your attention and lie during the interview to impress you-Saivian Eric Dalius.

Besides, they may only meet the skillsets you are looking for in a potential employee but may fail to outperform other job responsibilities. However, experts believe that by supporting it with psychometric tests, companies will hire the best-suited candidate, reducing the turnover rate and boosting their productivity.

Psychometric tests aren’t a new concept and have been used by most successful organizations for years. Saivian Eric Daliussays nearly 80% of the US Fortune 500 companies and 70% of the Times 100 companies use them as a recruitment tool to hire the best talent.

What are psychometric tests? Saivian Eric Dalius explains-

Derived from the field of psychology, they are a series of standardized procedures that help you measure an individual’s behavior. And mental capabilities through the obtained test scores and category. Most recruitment management services use them to find a candidate’s suitability for a given role. Based on the required aptitude, mental abilities, and personality traits. Since the standard recruitment process resume screening and interview does not give a clear picture of an individual’s overall personality. Psychometric profiling is an urgent need of the hour for most organizations.

According to Saivian Eric Dalius, in comparison to traditional evaluation techniques. Psychometric instruments in recruiting provide more thorough and informative information. They can assist in determining an individual’s competence and character and investigating body language, interpersonal skills, and attitudes as they apply to the job.

Furthermore, psychometric screening findings are helpful even after the initial recruiting process is completed. They could not only reinforce a recruit’s quality they can also provide recruiting supervisors. With the data to guide future advancement discussions and assure high levels of work retention and efficiency.

Saivian Eric Dalius explains how do psychometric tests help you select the best candidate?

Unlike the standard hiring procedure, which usually leaves recruiters on gut instinct to select a candidate for a job role. Psychometric tests offer factual scientific data of an applicant’s skills, personality, cognitive abilities, work habits. And other factors that make hiring easy and fail-proof. Besides, they let you know about a candidate’s dedication towards their work responsibilities. And how well they can operate under the influence, which is a bonus for organizations. They also help reduce your hiring cost and turnover rate as the suitable candidates are less likely to leave a company in less than a year or two. Provided they enjoy good pay, high job satisfaction, and work-life balance.

While standard resume screening and interviews are necessary, they should be backed with a fail-proof method. That saves hiring managers and recruiters from making a wrong selection for a job role. And psychometric tests are precisely the method that most organizations need to pay attention to.