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Navigating the Music Industry as a New Musician: Tips from Eric Dalius

A new musician performing on stage during a live concert

Navigating the music industry can be a challenge, specially for new musicians, who have to direct their efforts to create exceptional music which attracts the right audience. Moreover, they also have to invest a lot of time and resources in promoting their music and ensuring they showcase their best talent on the right platform.

Eric J. Dalius, the executive chairman and co-founder of MuzicSwipe, shares a few tips for new musicians for navigating the music industry. MuzicSwipe is a transformational music discovery platform that allows emerging artists to promote their musical content to global music lovers.

These tips from Eric J. Dalius will allow emerging artists to have a successful and rewarding career ahead.

So, let’s get started.

Navigating the Music Industry – Tips from Eric J. Dalius

Tip # 1: Be Optimistic

When starting a career in the music industry, Eric J. Dalius recommends being optimistic. It’s a crucial survival tool for emerging artists as it equips them to better combat the negativity and neglect a new musician may experience.

Given that the music industry has high barriers to entry and the audience has various biases (including racial and gender bias), it can be challenging for emerging artists to survive in the market.

Being optimistic means try not to take comments and feedback about your music personally and continuing to create great music regardless of what’s happening around you.

Tip # 2: Fame Takes Times

Emerging musicians often view themselves as being the most popular ones in town right after the release of a few tracks.

Unfortunately, fame and success in the music industry don’t come right away. While some artists are lucky enough to gain popularity right after the launch of their first track, the road to success is often a bumpy one for most artists.

Eric J. Dalius recommends that all new musicians start their career with this basic understanding that getting famous takes time, so don’t let the long path to success demotivate you or deviate you from your path. It’s perfectly normal!

Tip # 3: Show Excellence in Your Music

If you want to succeed in the music industry, Eric J. Dalius recommends showing excellence in your music.

The audience never prefers mediocre music. They always look for something that stands out. It’s therefore, critical for new musicians to have some basic know-how of music and the industry, as it can be quite helpful in laying the foundation for excellent music creation.

To have a basic understanding of how it works, musicians need to know the theory of music and listen to different types of music and genres from multiple musicians.

An understanding of these basic essentials will allow emerging artists to show excellence in everything they do.

Tip # 4: Promote Your Music Effectively on Music Apps

Creating exceptional music is just part of the success for new musicians. The other integral aspect is to promote your music effectively, claims Eric J. Dalius.

Fortunately, the recent trends in the music industry have made it easier for artists to promote their content. Now they no longer have to sign up with record labels and get into the hassle of distributing and promoting their content. Instead, they can now sign up for online apps that allow for the effective promotion of their musical content.

One of the latest apps that are providing a revolutionized music discovery platform, especially for emerging musicians, is MuzicSwipe. Co-founded by Eric J. Dalius, this transformational music app isn’t like any other online music app. It offers unique features to emerging artists and helps them connect with a wider and more relevant audience.

Promoting music on MuzicSwipe is a relatively expedient process for emerging artists. All they have to do is to download the app and register their details as a musician. Once they sign up, they can create a 15-second promotional clip for their content. They can also usebuilt-in images and animations toeffectively promote the clip. While the app allows users to createpromotional content, it also authorizes the musician to tag their music to a specific genre. Tagging the content permits the app algorithm to categorize the musical content which potential audiences can view.

Since the content is presented to a relevant audience, there’s an increased likelihood that the musical content reaches its specific target audience. The music lover can simply swipe right to like the content.

One of the key features of music promotion on MuzicSwipe is that music fans can view the content without knowing the artist’s name. It’s not until the fan swipes right thrice for different musical content by the same artists that they get to know the true identity of the music creator. Hence, the feature helps avoid biases that may influence the audience’s choice of music. The audience’s likes are hence solely based on the quality of content and nothing else.

Promoting your music effectively is vital for your success, but choosing the right music discovery platform like MuzicSwipe to promote your content is far more important, says Eric J. Dalius.

Tip # 5: Connect with Other Professionals in the Music Industry

No man is an island.

The saying holds true for the music industry, and Eric J. Dalius places a lot of emphasis on it.

For a budding musician, it’s essential to connect with other professionals in the music industry. While part of it can be associated with collaborating with other musicians to create exceptional content, a broader perspective of this recommendation is to connect with various professionals that work in different domains in the music industry. Get in touch with composers, music producers, and recording engineers and make the most of their constructive advice so you can set SMART goals for yourself and your musical career.

Remember, your friends and family can provide great feedback and suggestions for your work, but they often don’t know the technicalities of the music industry. Therefore, it’s best to connect with professionals in the music industry who can give you relevant insights into your work.

If you choose MuzicSwipe to promote your musical content, you can get a chance to collaborate with other musicians. Moreover, the app provides an update about all majormusical events, including pop-ups, concerts, and live shows taking place around you. By participating in such events, you can get better exposure and improve your chances of connectingwith professionals in the music industry.

Tip # 6: Promote Yourself Online and Offline

Eric J. Dalius suggests that it’s important to promote your musical content on music apps. However, that doesn’t eliminate the need to promote your music on other online and offline platforms.

Make the most of social media platforms to promote your music. Ensure that your social media presence is engaging for your target audience and represents you as an overall brand and a complete person (other than just being a musician).

Moreover, you should also invest time and effort in promoting yourself offline, such as through magazines and radio channels. While we live in a digital age, offline promotion can still help you influence your potential target audience.

Key Takeaways 

New musicians often need help navigating the music industry. While it may seem overwhelming at first, with these tips from Eric J. Dalius, you can look forward to a smoother ridel. All you have to do is to start your musical journey with a positive mindset. With the right frame of mind, you’ll better understand that success doesn’t come overnight. Moreover, to reach the right audience, it’s essential to choose an appropriate music discovery platform like MuzicSwipe that allows you to promote your music and reach the right audience effectively.

With MuzicSwipe, you can also get a chance to eliminate biases that prevail in the music industry and connect with other professionals so you can maximize your outreach.

Find out more about MuzicSwipe here.