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Multiple roles played by a remarkable entrepreneur – Eric J Dalius

Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius is a prominent name in the realm of real estate. For 25 years of his life, he worked as a marketing professional making investments in Bitcoin and also real estate. He has made a fortune in his career as a marketing specialist making investments in the latest lucrative properties. He has always invested in profitable business ventures leading to beneficial outcomes for his allies. 

Qualification and early life

Eric J Dalius after getting a degree from Penn State in 1992, started giving shape to his business ideas. After graduation, he joined MCI telecom, and just after two years. He became one of the leading sales representatives of the entire nation. After proving his skills and prowess here, he moved on to his next venture.

In 1994 he started his own business in telecommunications, and his hard work paid off. His company took off very well where he had to spend long hours working each day. Despite staying busy, he still took out time for his passion for becoming a League coach. Therefore, the 90s helped him reach a new level of prosperity and success, which was a dream for many. The fortune that he achieved in a short period was like a fantasy.

In 2002 he started taking up new things and utilizing energy in a new direction. Thus CORE (Cash out real estate) came into the picture and immediately generated ten million dollar sales in a brief period. He became a real estate specialist, thereby purchasing assets and refinancing those properties. In almost a year, he made 50 properties for himself. When he was doing very well, only the 2008 recession hit. And acted as a speed breaker in his success where he had to close the company.

His traits

Eric J Dalius has a dynamic persona, and he believes that education is essential for achieving success and building capital. To ensure that after graduation, young minds of America could do well in their life and career. Founded the Eric J Dalius scholarship. He has also announced many scholarship programs for students who do not have opportunities for higher education.

He is ready to provide funds and scholarships to those students who want to do well in life but do not have the financial means to do so. Hence, the scholarship will help the students ease the financial burden for higher education, thereby training young minds in an explicit direction.

Eric J Dalius has struggled for years to make a successful career in entrepreneurship and marketing. He has always come across as a very enthusiastic and energetic individual keen for new possibilities. To utilize fresh talent and skills present in the industry. Even though he is currently working in his semi-retirement phase, he still has no retiring plans or slowing down anytime shortly. He is in a constant quest to find new outlets to vent out his creativity into new avenues.

Undoubtedly he is a very robust individual always looking for fresh adventures. You must know that he is only looking out for new paths and also opportunities to lay his magical hands. He is ready to convert his passion energy into new business outcomes shortly.