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Marketing strategy for driving your business through a recession by Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius when the economy looks sluggish, small businesses have to cut down their spending to be more cost-effective. They can rely on marketing strategies that target local customers to overcome difficulties. Some credible studies show that nearly 85% of customers live within a five-mile radius from the companies. And in times of financial crisis, local consumers also prefer supporting local American businesses. So, when you have to tighten your purse strings, it makes sense to be careful with your marketing initiatives. Analyze everything you plan and find out the right strategy. When you decide something, make sure it is easy to track and understand how much you invested and what returns it delivered.

Here is a quick insight into some of the most favorable marketing platforms that can help your business make revenue and earn loyal customers.

Eric Dalius Marketing platforms for small businesses for money-saving

Social media

You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your business for a small price. The adverts and shoppable content can provide relevancy to your business.

Eric Dalius Direct mail marketing

According to successful entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius, many business owners may plan to leverage social media and email marketing for easy and quick reach to a broader audience. You can go the traditional mail route to avoid the crowd. Social media is an excellent platform, but customers still enjoy the personal touch. When you use direct mail marketing methods, such as sending postcards for promotions, you can affordably target your local area. You can use a service that allows you to tap every household in your targeted location within a few clicks and identify your customer by age, earning, and household size. There are other benefits too. Postcards are cheaper, and it also enables you to handle your customers better.

Map ads

EJ Dalius believes navigation tools can also come in handy for your business. You can take Google Maps, for example. When you list your company there, you get access to drivers who travel close to your business location. Some platforms also allow you to use branded pins that resemble like a store sign to help drivers notice your business in their route. You can also take advantage of the promoted searches to reap further benefits.

Other than these, experts like Eric Dalius also talk about using online reviews for small businesses. Local customers rely on them before they commit a purchase with any store. The evidence of this is the popularity of review platforms like Yelp. It gets 178 million new visitors every month. If people post positive comments and high ratings, it becomes easy to attract potential customers. You don’t have to make additional efforts to draw their attention. That’s why it can be advantageous to request existing customers to review your products or services there.

These are some of the cost-effective marketing solutions for your business. When you face a financial crunch or economic slowdown, you can resort to such measures that cost less but yield better results. These solutions can help your business register continuous sales and income.