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Marketing Guru Eric Dalius Helps You Discover Tips for Starting Your Own Health and Fitness Business

Eric Dalius

Starting your own health & fitness club or gym, spa, or personal training business and also making. An entry into the highly-competitive health and fitness industry could prove to be challenging but highly motivating. The health and fitness industry takes competition to an all-new level and initiating your business. This dynamic and highly competitive environment could be pretty overwhelming and tough. You would need a lot of grit and determination to establish a niche for yourself in this highly competitive marketplace. Marketing genius Eric Dalius asks you not to lose heart and let nothing come in your way or dampen your spirit.

Awareness of the advantages of personal training and fitness programs has been growing for more than a decade and so is the client market. You know that the health and fitness terrain is changing constantly and what was effective five years back may not work today. This boost in opportunity certainly is accompanied by a tremendous influx of health and fitness clubs. And personal trainers into this dynamic industry and that implies increased competition. 

Eric Dalius Presents Some Effective Tips to Start & Sustain Your Fitness Business

The health and fitness business includes a broad spectrum of opportunities that involve assisting people in achieving and maintaining wellness. We know that a huge chunk of this segment actually includes exercise studios and gyms. Moreover, other franchises would be including businesses that are known to provide specialized kinds of ancillary health solutions and services. We know that Americans value physical well-being and good health. As such, your health and fitness business can succeed if you help people to feel and look their very best. In this context, you must know that the workforce in the health and fitness business must have relevant education and related professional licensure.

Lure New Prospects by Coming up with Special Intro Offers

According to the IHRSA Global Report, 2019 proved to be a ‘year of abundance’, as far as, the fitness industry is concerned. So how could you stand tall among the rest? You would be requiring a special way of tempting new clients to come in. Eric Dalius is certainly not talking about offering free bottles of water in your gym. 

You have to be slightly more generous such as one week of free fitness classes, free personal training sessions, or free first month services for subscribing to your health & fitness app. Your offer must be compelling enough and prospects must get an idea of what all they could get simply by including your service in their way of life.

Focus on Social Media Promotion & User Experience

For a new business in the health and fitness sector, generating good content and utilizing social media. Promoting that content online is crucial to business success. If you happen to be a gym owner or owner of a fitness studio, who is new to the industry, you must concentrate on establishing a good reputation for your business online. Set up social media profiles, an intuitive and optimized business website. And make sure that your fitness business is listed at once on ‘Google My Business’ or some other popular listings.

Remember when you have a robust online presence, clients could locate you easily, contact you promptly, and even do a comparative analysis with your competitors. Hence, optimize your online presence and boost your business and grow your clientele. Ensure that your social networking platforms are talking about your fitness services. Focus on creating inspiring testimonial videos, come up with highly-informative blogs. Share interactive posts on your social media accounts, and do not forget to leverage the power of influencer marketing. Remember user experience is of critical importance. Hire experts to assist you in this direction if you are unsure of ways of putting it all together.

Pay Attention to Networking and Connecting

The fitness industry works just the same way as any other industry. You need to be well-connected and must have an extensive network. Networking is of pivotal importance if you wish to establish your business. It is important to have robust community links and great rapport with other people in the industry for winning a competitive edge. You may speak to self-employed PTS and freelancers and even established business owners to gather important information, their tips. And learn about the hardships and obstacles that they had to encounter. Use valuable information and also implement the tips in your own health and fitness business. 


It is certainly not a smooth road if you are thinking of launching your health and fitness business. You must have the determination and dedication to go about it. You need to be strong and clear about what you want. Consider writing down what you would like to achieve in the next five years. Focus on that plan and make sure that you are not deviating from that plan.