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Kim Dalius and mindfulness

Kim Dalius

In her professional pursuits, Kimberly Daliusis, and has been a pioneer. She has worked in a variety of fields and thrived in each. Kim is a health care practitioner who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a master’s degree in school and mental health counseling (2012) Kim Dalius.

After receiving her MA from U Penn, Kim joined Albright College as an Academic Advisor. Through this position, she collaborated with a large number of undergraduate students.

Kimberly Dalius started as an executive coach at Pre Inc. in 2012. While there, she helped high-ranking colleagues and employees through life coaching and counseling.Her goals – promote Pre Inc.’s staff’s efficiency as well as their ability to relate to and maintain relationships with clients and associates.

Beginning in 2015, Kimberly Dalius served as an independent consultant. Kim innovated effective methods to assist entrepreneurs in increasing their motivational skills. In addition, Kim devised practical strategies to aid them in increasing their drive and productivity Kim Dalius.

Kimberly Dalius worked at Resoltz as a mindfulness/wellness advisor from 2016 until 2021 (located in the San Francisco Bay Area). Her role was to provide success counseling to hundreds of Princeton University students via a virtual platform.Her class focused on introducing mindfulness-based techniques to increase students’ generosity. It also provided students with strategies for reducing stress and increasing contentment.

Kim began working with the hosts of a local sports talk program at KABC 790AM in Los Angeles, California in 2018.  Here, she was tasked with building and driving initiatives for increased sponsorships, planned events, and developed new marketing strategies.

Daliushas been a coach since 2018 at the Caruso Catholic Center (located at the University of Southern California). She conducts one-on-one tutoring while also facilitating group conversations for students and general guests at USC in Los Angeles. She also created the first “Coaches Corner”. The goal of the Corner was to develop role-playing scenarios. In these reenactments, college life is replicated, and built to freely display challenges, worries, and despairin lives guided by a social media based, influencer driven world. 

Since 2019, KimDalius has been an academic advisor at Miami Dade College’s Hospitality Center/Culinary Institute.  This includes leading virtual learning for The Hospitality Club. She collaborates with students to provide resources from the hospitality sector to the entire student body.

Kimberly established Mental Minutes Success Coaching in 2015. Success Coaches aid clients here in managing their daily lives, all while dealing with the pressures or shifts that may arise as a result of these activities. Mental Minutes started working on two separate apps in the year 2020. The first assists its users in organizing and completing tasks. The second is a subscription-based service that enables connections between clients and success coaches.

Dalius also collaborates with MuzicSwipe, a startup business based in Miami, Florida. She organizes the weekly Muzic Mindset show, which is broadcast on the Clubhouse platform.  In her role. She also works with artists to assist them in pursuing skills such as long-term mindfulness, honesty, and accountability.