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How to Make Trade Show Participation More Successful for Your Business – Valuable Tips by Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Exhibiting at trade shows is a very good way of attracting business and enhancing brand reach. Eric Dalius however, participating in trade shows can take a lot of planning as well as money, especially if you are considering in the big shows. Since you could end up spending a bomb on space rental, preparing product literature. Shipping, airfare, and hotel expenses, you should ensure that you get the many things required right. Some of the main things to consider making the exercise productive:

Check Out Whether the Show Is Worth It 

For your participation to be successful the trade show must not only attract large crowds. But also the visitors must be your target audience. Call up a few participants who had exhibited earlier to find out their response. Find out how the organizers are going to promote. The shows to potential customers before finally making up his mind recommends Eric Dalius.

Get Your Displays Designed by Professionals

Even though you may balk at an additional cost. The eyes of potential customers far better than if you were to do it by yourself. And produced attractively and innovatively that potential customers will stop by to interact.

Have Sufficient Literature and Business Cards at Hand

In the form of flyers and brochures well in advance of the event. Shoddy production and mistakes can ruin your corporate image. If you don’t want to distribute paper literature, you can set up a dedicated webpage. On your website and provide the links to download the information. Alternatively, you can distribute the literature in pen drives with your logo printed on them. Most people find the pen drives useful and will retain them for long, says Eric J Dalius. Also, having lots of business cards is a good policy because potential customers tend to retain them even if they chuck the product literature.

Promote Your Participation in Advance to Attract Visitors

You need not depend only on visitors planning to turn up at the exhibition to get to know you. Rather, you should send out emails and announce on social media of your participation to encourage your existing customers as well as prospects to visit you at the show. You can also release advertisements, insert announcements in your bills, and display banners on your website to drive footfalls. It can be a good idea to call up the more important prospects and customers a few days before the event to invite them to visit your booth.


You must make sure that your booth is manned by people familiar with the company and its products so that they can interact meaningfully with the visitors. Make it a point to collect the contact information of visitors so that you can follow-up with them after the show is over.