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How to Increase Social Media Followers on Your Music Page Quickly

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The rise in popularity of social media has proven to be an asset for musicians. A robust social media presence is vital for engaging with fans, expanding your fan base, and promoting your music. In addition, having an effective social media strategy can connect you with other professionals in the music industry and present some great opportunities.

Social media marketing for musicians can seem like a challenging task. Thus, we have prepared this guide to help you increase social media followers on your music account quickly.

Tip #1 – Post Regularly

Keeping the social media profile of your music account is extremely important. Post regularly to stay connected with your fans. This task is crucial for artists who don’t do shows or release music very frequently. It’s essential to create content for social media, even when you are working in the studio or between releases.

Also, create a rhythm with your posts, so people know what to expect. For instance, you can post an unplugged version of your song every Saturday evening.

Tip #2 – Connect with Fans

Social media is one of the best ways to interact and connect with your fans. An excellent way to do this is to involve your audience in the creative process. For instance, you can run a campaign where you encourage your fans to share their own artwork on Instagram and get a chance to make their art the next cover of your album. You could also post a snippet of a song you are working on and help them pick the name. Things like these make people feel like they’re part of the music, encouraging them to follow you.

Tip #3 – Don’t Buy Followers

It’s best to start with a community of the present, active, and engaged followers who are going to stay for the long term. Social media platforms such as Instagram have become quite strict with paid systems – as soon as they detect abnormal activity, they will shadow-ban your music account.

Tip #4 – Think Creatively

You are an outstanding guitarist and an incredible musician, but you might be even better at baking! That’s the type of thing you can share on your music account in small doses. You can share pieces of your personal life to connect with people on Instagram. You can even tag your friends if they are in the picture or geotag your recording studios, tours, concerts, etc.

Tip #5 – Share Visual Content

Visual content is highly engaging. Sharing videos and posts is an excellent way to tell stories and help your music account get discovered. Some visual content ideas include:

  • Pictures of your fans, DJ equipment, home studio, music gear, etc.
  • Video or pictures of you making music in unique locations.
  • Video explaining the meaning of a song.

Last Few Words

So there you have it – five excellent strategies to get more social media followers on your music account. Put them into practice, and you will definitely get more followers than ever before!