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How can small businesses set up a good event marketing plan? EJ Dalius shares smart tactics

Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius few businesses thrive on gatherings and other business events. If you tried to boost your event marketing strategy in 2020, you must have witnessed roadblocks because of COVID-19. Currently, the lockdowns are getting eased, and offices are starting. Even then, people are thinking twice about commencing events and large gatherings. During the first half of 2020, most companies had to postpone or cancel planned events. And that made them lose out on huge revenues. Companies today need to think of better strategies for hosting events in advanced ways.

It is the reason why several organizations are shifting to smaller and in-person meets and gatherings. The objective is to conduct business while being safe. Small businesses need to understand what the event management landscape holds for them.

EJ Dalius New event marketing trend

Intelligent event marketing is all about thinking about the customers and people. In the past, people who got eager to attend the event have become reluctant now for valid reasons. Currently, they are concerned about their safety and health. They might decline the offer of attending events in open spaces. According to EJ Dalius, they might instead choose to attend events where fewer people get placed in small groups. Hence, it is necessary to implement the following tactics for smooth event marketing and business expansion.

1. Understand the customer psyche

Your events are successful because of the people who attend it. Hence, you need to know the exact mindset of your customers. Small business companies should plan an event marketing strategy that will overcome the post-pandemic limitations. It is necessary to see the customer mindset.

Understanding the customer pulse is not tough! Sometime back, most people expected experiential marketing to gain momentum. The young consumers prefer this more because they look forward to meaningful experiences in the customer journey. Most people preferred and expect human interaction. However, it might take a while for such events to take place again.

2. It is essential to set goals

There are times when the events result from the organization’s initiatives that identify the employee’s hard work and engage the clients. All that they want to achieve, they need to attach it to the objectives if you wish to attain success. Hence, without having any fixed benchmarks, it is not possible to measure success and progress. The event marketing objectives consider the teams responsible for maintaining deadlines. According to Eric J Dalius, it is necessary to keep all the goals pragmatic for the teams to fulfill it.

4. Plan for more than you possess

You need to create an event timeline and ensure that your team members know all their responsibilities. The best way to do this is through proper planning. The small business events can get complex to promote, but effective planning can help you get sorted.

5. Make sure to keep track of everything

The outcome is critical to ensure whether you are preparing the best event marketing strategy. It gives you a perspective of what is working and not working for you. Eric Dalius suggests keeping track of everything from clicks, registration forms, event attendance, and media turnout. 

Planning events in 2020 will get filled with hindrances. However, by following the guidelines mentioned above, small businesses can find a solution.