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Hip-Hop Leads The Charts as The Most Dominant Music Genre in The US

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Ever since 2017, hip-hop has made its mark in the United States as the most listened-to genre, breaking records and ranking higher than other popular genres like pop and rock, redefining modern music as a whole.

If you’re wondering how this was possible, you will have to look at various factors like hip-hop’s early influence and evolution, as well as the rise of music streaming, allowing many individuals to gain access to a wide variety of songs through platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Let’s explore why hip-hop has become so popular in the United States.

Reasons Why Hip-Hop is Ranking on Charts

Like all music genres, the youth defines what’s most popular in certain regions. There are reasons why hip-hop suddenly emerged as a contender for the most popular musical genre, overtaking rock and pop in recent years and maintaining its position at the top.

In 2016, Drake released a song that went viral called Hotline Bling, which influenced the youth culture at the time, resulting in millions of people dancing to the track and coming up with their own renditions and memes that flooded the Internet.

Leading influential artists of the past include Kanye West and 50 cent, who were coming out with bangers that were incredibly popular in America, with tracks like In Da Club and Heartless tearing up the scene before the emergence of newer artists like Kendrick Lamar.

However, rap used to be more about being ‘gangsta’ and somewhat violent, with many artists frequently talking about drugs, women, and nudity, which was influencing society in a particular way.

Despite degrading lyrics and putting immoral acts on a pedestal, people couldn’t help singing along to the hooks and verses since they were so catchy, creating a lot of mainstream appeal for the genre.

Kanye West played a role in breaking down stereotypes of hip-hop, adding more artistry and breaking down the thug-like image that was so prevalently associated with the genre.

Hip-hop has also influenced the fashion culture in the United States, adding more of a high-end, luxurious look to the typical street fashion that used to be the norm.

The emergence of streaming platforms also played a massive role in making hip-hop more popular since people could now access new songs that artists uploaded on the same day, allowing individuals to stay up to date with emerging trends and incredible music videos.

Just like how rock was more popular in the 80s and 90s, hip-hop is in its renaissance period, where it has become mainstream and enjoyable for diverse groups of people, changing the scene entirely and creating opportunities for up-and-comers like Kendrick Lamar to produce new music and reshape the genre once again.

Final Verdict

Hip-hop has become popular in recent years due to the efforts of Kanye West, Lamar, Lil Wayne, Drake, and many others, influencing fashion trends and youth culture in a dramatic way.

New artists continue to capitalize on the music streaming opportunities, and there is little doubt that hip-hop will stay at the top of the charts for many years to come.