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Exploring the immense business viability of commissary kitchens with industry expert Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius says owners of mobile food businesses or food trucks might know about commissary kitchens. It’s one of the key resources for boosting your food business. Companies are renting out their commercial kitchen spaces (commissaries) and also providing important resources like business support, workspace, and much more.

Eric Dalius defines a commissary kitchen as a public kitchen space for food entrepreneurs. Some of them use these kitchens for additional space conveniences. However, a commissary kitchen provides a flurry of other benefits as well.

  • There are states that have laws to prohibit food truck businesses from preparing and also cooking meals on the truck. Small eateries may lack enough room for their staff.
  • The abundant cooking space includes industrial ovens, cooktops and freezers, counter space, and storage.
  • The rentals include a wide range of large and also small appliances. Commissary kitchens include recycling and trash removal services.
  • Apart from food van parking, many commercial kitchens provide enough studio space to crate film videos or courses.
  • They also serve as office/meeting space, where you can perform administrative or business functions.

There are companies that assist with marketing, helping you to obtain proper food truck design and licensing.

Eric Dalius Starting a commissary kitchen

EJ Dalius says that to open a commissary kitchen, it’s imperative to analyze different market factors and pointers that determine the demand for your business. If you take rentals and also count on that money to pay your bills, you need to ensure that there’s enough demand in that area.

  • Kitchen optimization and utilization is a crucial performance indicator for a thriving shared kitchen business. Market assessment starts with targeting the consumer segment and also their interest.
  • You need to access the magnitude of interest among your clientele, which includes expanding eateries, producers, and entrepreneurs.
  • While focusing on the real estate market, underline the geographic area from where you’d want to get your clients.

Take driving distances as a parameter. Your market sphere could be an entire city or a group of ZIP codes, or a metropolitan area depending on your target business model, geography, and also facility.

  • It’s also very important to analyze your competition. To conduct market research, you may consider generic keyword searches for shared, licensed, commissary, or rental kitchens.
  • Classified ads can also help you discover food businesses and also restaurants that rent their unused kitchen spaces.

Eric Dalius Behind the profitability

Most food owners and also caterers start humbly with their business. A small kitchen is a simple model, which may appear to never expand. If you taste success, your small catering firm suddenly generates multiple revenue channels that require more kitchen floor.

  • Eric J Dalius specifies the different benefits of a commissary kitchen. You only need to pay one utility bill, one lease, one pest control bill, and one internet service bill.
  • You require a few dishwashers, one baker, and also very few drivers and management team members.
  • These kitchens propel savings on repairs and other costs. Deliveries entail a higher on-time delivery record.

The inventory has more depth and scope, which you need to accurately monitor throughout the week. The insurance premiums are cheaper because of the lesser number of locations with minimal equipment.