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Eric J Dalius stresses the importance of online communities for women in business and how they are nourishing a new culture

Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius says, for female entrepreneurs trying to build their own community or network, for helping each other in the business sector, or encourage other women to enter the fold, building a thriving online community for women entrepreneurs can set the dice rolling.

If you’re a freelancer or an aspiring business woman, Eric Dalius shows how you can use the woman-only online business communities. The road to business ownership is long and daunting. However, with the motivation, determination, resolution and dedication, you can own a successful company.

There are dedicated online platforms that provide you with essential tricks, tips, advice, and motivation and inspiration to fulfill your dream of becoming a thriving female entrepreneur.

  • The Boss Network undoubtedly tops the list. It’s a closely-knit network of entrepreneurial women with grit and passion for making it big on their own. The community platform’s goal is to provide support to the members though personal networking, conversations, and online channels.
  • Change the Ratio is popular as a Tumblr blog. It aims to empower women and help them with the resources and tools to shine in entrepreneurial and corporate settings. The main purpose of the blog is to showcase the gender gap in workplace and bridge it.

Robust online communities

The sole idea behind these online communities, as EJ Dalius points out, is powerful women thrive and shine collectively. For example, these communities offer weekly workshops, group coaching, courses, and monthly programs for women in the networking and business community.

  • There are diverse groups of businesswomen coming from diverse backgrounds and different countries. They have different skillsets and help each other in different situations.
  • Do so by brainstorming or collaborating with one another. They also hire from the community.
  • Hera Hub is another prominent name. It’s an international women-specific co-working project that also serves as an online platform for its members.
  • The community mentors and educators budding female entrepreneurs, helping them to build a robust community.

Apart from their virtual events per week, the community also focuses on looping members with one another, helping them to collaborate, share, and learn.

Sisters is SEO is another awesome women-only community that helps women in SEO business to build their brand. This is perhaps the only women group in a predominantly male-dominated SEO field.

Another run-through

FEW or Forum for Women Entrepreneurs is one of the most popular online communities to educate, empower, enrich and energize all women, helping them to taste success in business.

  • The Female Entrepreneur Association is another online den that aims to inspire and empower women from all over the globe to transform their ideas and concepts into concrete reality.
  • For women looking for a definitive career and financial guide, The New Savvy is the destination, asserts Eric J Dalius.
  • It strives to empower confident, smart, independent, and modern women via insightful and impactful content. This content needs to be interesting, pragmatic and highly relevant.

The guiding thought is that women have different and distinct needs from men. They can benefit from an idiosyncratic financial service.