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Eric J Dalius Shares Useful Tips to Improve the Online Sales for Your Business

Eric Dalius

When you have an online business, it is imperative to pique customer interest and also generate more sales. However, with increasing competition, it is challenging to retain your customers or reach out to prospective buyers. Eric J Dalius, who is a marketing expert, believes in staying aware of the latest marketing trends. So that your business can gear up fast and improve sales figures to stay afloat.

Based on the findings of Statista, e-commerce sales resulted. In earnings of approximately $135.35 billion in the year 2019 and are expected to touch $4.89 trillion by 2021. It implies that the online marketplace is promising for your business. And here is how you can boost your online store sales easily:

Make the best of your gift card strategy

Gift cards are one of the winning marketing tactics to boost your e-commerce sales. You can pique buyer interest by offering gift cards that they can use on their future purchase. It will make your buyers delighted and they would become your returning customers.

You may also reap the maximum benefits out of third-party gift card extensions to help you make unlimited cards. From e-commerce platforms such as Magento or any other platform for that matter. This way, your customers can use the discounted cards to shop from your online store.

Keep customers happy with free shipping

Did you know shipping cost is one of the key reasons why shoppers abandon the shopping cart? Studies indicate that sales percentage escalated by 49 percent when free shipping was offered to online customers. Eric J Dalius has seen several e-commerce business owners providing free shipping, which is a robust marketing strategy to boost online sales and make more money.

Then, if you would not like to provide free shipping to your customers, you can consider personalized shipping rules. You might be wondering what it means, after all. Well, your customers can benefit from free shipping provided their cart value exceeds a specific amount. You will see many online stores embracing custom shipping rules to boost sales.

Pamper your customers

These days, when the competition is extremely high and when buyers have multiple options. You need to make them feel special so that they become your loyal and paying customers. This way, your existing customers will recommend your brand to their friends and family by sharing their shopping experience from your store.

It is the word of mouth advertising and also leads to customer growth for your online store. Especially when you need more sales and want to improve the bottom line. There are many ways to pamper your customers. These include offering your regular customers discounted deals, freebies, listening to them, and taking their inquiries seriously.


Focus on these tips to improve sales of your online store. You need to delight your customers with a pleasing shopping experience. Deals, using social media, and paying attention to their feedback. Think of innovative ways to improve your ROI and margins. Make your customers feel that your brand cares for them and spoil them with gift cards and attractive deals sometimes.