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Eric J Dalius Presents His Case in Favor of Meditation to Boost Mental Health & Wellness during COVID-19 Crisis

Eric Dalius

The unprecedented changes experienced by people across the globe because of the deadly coronavirus pandemic seem to be incredibly overwhelming. The COVID-19 crisis has managed to completely engulf our lives. Many of you are experiencing feelings of intense anxiety and stress because of the dire circumstances you seem to be in. The government is trying its best to work towards containing the outbreak and successfully preserve life. However, you may opt for meditation as a self-preservation technique to combat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic situation. Eric J Dalius believes that we are going through unprecedented times. Hence, it has become extremely challenging to find an element of normalcy. 

In these trying times, mindfulness and meditation are practices that could help in supporting patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and the public in general. Meditation has the potential of translating well to diverse populations across the range of ability and lifespan. Including meditation in your daily health and fitness regimen during the COVID-19 pandemic seems. To have the potential of complementing traditional medical treatment. Moreover, meditation is supposed to be a fairly low-cost and beneficial process. Mindfulness and meditation practices translate well to different populations across the lifespan and range of ability. 

Beneficial Technique

Introducing mindfulness and meditation practice during this pandemic has the potential to complement treatment and is a low-cost beneficial technique of providing support to mentally unstable or emotionally disturbed people. Once you tend to become more mindful, you could learn to prioritize your thoughts more effectively with meditation. Moreover, meditation could help in blocking out the clutter and finding positivity despite the critical pandemic crisis dominating the entire world health scene.

Some of the proven benefits of indulging in meditation on a regular basis are the following: 

Much improved sleep

Reduction in anxiety & stress

Achieve greater focus & concentration

Getting less distracted

· Manage anger well

Develop positive body language

Maintain better and healthier work-life balance

Build more robust relationships

Get a major boost in the immune system

Top Reasons to Do Meditation during COVID-19 Pandemic as Per Eric J Dalius

For Perfect Management of Anxiety & Stress

Eric J Dalius says meditation has been instrumental in reducing and even eliminating stress and anxiety. Meditation necessitates total concentration on your breathing. You are focusing on your breathing while performing meditation. This assists in focusing and diverts your thoughts and attention from situations that trigger alarm or stress. From a physical perspective, we understand that when you breathe rhythmically. You end up minimizing tension as you inhale and exhale. Eric J Dalius says that in the case your brain is distracted, meditation plays a pivotal part. In lowering your cortisol levels or the stress hormones present in the human body. It culminates in an overall feeling of peace and calmness.

For Recharge & Rejuvenation

Besides, sleeping well, meditation, and a nutritious diet could go a long way in refueling or rejuvenating your body and soul. It may boost your immune function. As per the findings of a study that was conducted with over 1600 participants by the Department of Preventive Medicine of Keck School of Medicine, researchers discovered. And definite boosts in all your cell-mediated defense parameters. 

Moreover, meditation could lead to a rise in enzyme activity that is great for preventing aging and cell damage. It clearly implies that on every occasion we are doing meditation, you are facilitating your bodies to restore all the enzymes and cells that are necessary for building a healthy and robust immune system. No wonder meditation is the way to go for building immunity against the deadly COVID-19 infection. 

Helps in Restoring & Enhancing Emotional Health

Eric J Dalius the purpose of doing meditation alone is to help you prioritize your emotions and boost factors associated with self-love. Meditation and mindfulness help you in delving deeper into understanding your inherent psyche and overall well-being. Mindfulness has been defined as primarily a psychological process that involves focusing your attention. On the present without any judgment. As you are gearing yourselves towards another stint of social distancing and self-isolation during the holiday season because of the rise in COVID cases, meditation is a particularly positive habit to maintain.

Helps in Increasing Your Attention Span

As per the findings of the research and a study, conducted by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine’s Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, meditation could help in boosting your attention span. A few sessions of mediation are effective enough to improve your mood and reduce anxiety, fatigue, and even boost mindfulness. Furthermore, we understand that a short stint in mindfulness training would remarkably improve working memory, visuospatial processing, and even executive functioning.

Helps in Building Compassion

Many kinds of meditation are helpful in guiding us on the road to self-love and even love for others. Specific meditation practices, such as, Metta meditation motivates you to develop self-love then you are encouraged. To broaden your horizon and direct the feelings of love towards someone you already love, someone you are neutral towards, somebody with whom you may be having some issues with and eventually, extend this feeling of deep love for everyone without distinction. Metta meditation could help you develop feelings of empathy towards others and certainly more patience while interacting with people around you.

Meditation Tips for Combating Covid-19 Anxiety

Breath: ‘Breath’ seems to be robust tool for making you feel steady and stable when all else around you feels unsteady and shaky. If you are feeling anxious or fidgety, concentrate on closing your eyes and taking a few deep exhales and inhales. Start breathing to the precise count of 4, 3, 2, and 1 and keep holding it at the very top for four counts, and then start releasing to the same 4, 3, 2, 1 count. You would at once observe an instant change in the way you feel.

Focus on Performing Visual Meditation: As per experts, it pays to meditate on feeling good and safe. You may focus on meditating on people and places that make you feel secure and safe. Meditation is chiefly about clearing all your thoughts and then objectively allowing them to come up and then again letting those thoughts go. Here the key is to keep feeling secure and safe.

Focus on Embracing Natural Light: Look for a place with windows so that you could consider embracing natural light. This could make a huge difference if you are self-isolating and compelled to stay indoors. When you cannot go for a walk outside or when you fail to identify a spot outdoors, it is best to practice meditation by embracing natural light streaming in from the open windows.


Meditation could be a great way of tackling mental issues during the depressing COVID-19 pandemic. There is a need for kindness. You may be kind to others and especially to yourself. People automatically demonstrate their most vulnerable and the weakest side during a crisis. Hence, extend more kindness to help people who are mentally distressed due to the fear of COVID-19.