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Eric J Dalius on How to Expand Your Business in Less Time and Succeed in 2021

Eric Dalius

Entrepreneurs have many goals to achieve when managing their business, like fast growth and brand recognition. Then, it is impossible to achieve overnight success. Though there is no hard and fast rule for immediate entrepreneurial success, you need to put your best foot forward to diversify your small business and reach out to your target audiences. Eric J Dalius thinks that there are effective ways to meet business goals when it comes to growth and reaching milestones.

Making your business successful is no easy job, but when you adapt to the trends, it is possible to grow and diversify your startup in 2021. Here is how:

Rely on trusted sources of revenue

Instead of reaching out to new customers, focus on the existing buyers you have now. You can achieve this by using a customer loyalty or referral program. Besides, you can implement marketing strategies depending on prior buyer habits to foster repeat business. The focus on your existing sources of revenue is essential if you would like more revenues to roll in for the growth of your business.

Becoming a franchise will not help as the idea will not work well with banks and financial institutions. You need to focus on a large market for your business and products to pique a bank’s interest. Once a bank feels that your returns on investment are fine, it may agree to fund your business. Then, you need to prove that your business is growing and targeting wider markets.

Work with the right people

When it comes to your business growth, you should make certain to hire experienced marketing professionals to help you realize your goals. A small business needs a dynamic marketing team, says Eric J Dalius from his vast experience in business and marketing. You need people, who do not hesitate to work hard or slog for extra hours. You need enterprising people and never pass the buck saying that it is not their job. In other words, you need dedicated people who have the same vision as the entrepreneur. You need to hire the best talent in the industry for the sure growth of your business.

Minimize risks

Though no business exists without risks, you need to minimize them, which is essential for staying afloat. There are many ways to cut back on external and internal threats impeding your business growth. Small startups must learn to cope with their growth to avoid disruptions that could bring your business to a standstill. For instance, data loss and theft of customer information and product design may break a business, resulting in considerable costs and depleting consumer trust, loyalty, and confidence in your business.

Not all businesses have measures for data breaches or other forms of intellectual property theft. Therefore, you need to stay prepared by choosing insurance products for effective recovery. It should also cover the costs associated with remediation and lawsuit expenses.


These are some of the ways to grow your business in less time this year by avoiding risks, working with the right people, and depending on trusted revenue sources. Learn what your competitors are doing and how they are achieving their growth goals.