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Eric J Dalius Highlights the Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Switch to Digital Business Cards in 2021

Eric Dalius

Business cards have been dominating the business marketing scene since time immemorial. But paper business cards are no longer in vogue in the present post-COVID world. It is possibly a bad idea to receive a germ-ridden paper business card from a total stranger. Eric J Dalius says that face-to-face interaction and business networking have taken a back seat because of social distancing dictates. It has become more convenient and common to focus on networking online to promote your business. It has proved to be immensely beneficial to businesses. We know that life is all about interacting and connecting with others. The most effective way of boosting your professional and personal relationships is by meeting and connecting with people, whether it is on Zoom call or FaceTime. 

In the current COVID-19 situation, instead of bringing everything to an abrupt halt, it is a good idea to digitalize your business meetings and experiences. All businesses should consider making adjustments as per the new normal for navigating smoothly post the coronavirus global pandemic. As we enter into an era of virtually-driven business meetings and seminars, paper business cards surely and steadily make way for digital business cards.

What Do You Understand By Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards seem to be gaining traction by the day. They are supposed to be the smart electronic version of the usual paper business cards. You will come across some cutting-edge apps for generating and customizing digital business cards. Digital business cards seem to be more easily shareable and accessible in comparison to stereotypical paper visiting cards. Eric J Dalius feels that this digital business. Cards are soon going to be the best way of exchanging contact information.

Top Reasons to Start Using Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Cards Promise to Be 100 Percent Germ-Free

We are experiencing germ phobia post the COVID-19 onslaught. When we meet somebody for the very first time, obviously we have absolutely no idea. About where he has been and what he has been touching or handling using his hands. We would not like to receive a conventional paper business card anymore. 

Fortunately, you can rely on digital business cards to exchange important business information with your prospective clients. Exchanging digital cards is great for eliminating your risk of germ exposure. It is no longer necessary to be physically present for giving your business card to your potential clients.

Digital Cards Are Easy to Share

Eric J Dalius to make use of conventional business cards. You had to be physically present and receive one in a reciprocal gesture. However, with digital cards, the biggest advantage is that you can share your contacts. With anyone, you like on a 24×7 basis using an app or messaging platform completely free of charge. In a world that is reeling under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, sharing digital visiting cards is very effective. Way of widening your reach without flouting social distancing norms.

Easier to Provide Updated Information 

Conventional printed business cards are not only cumbersome to store. And manage, but also tend to become outdated with every change in your profile. With a digital business card, you can keep all the information. Like your designation, employer name, phone number, email address, website address, video conferencing address, etc. up to date very easily. With conventional business cards, every small change will need you to reprint them. You will also have no way to send the new card to your existing contacts.

Customizable and Free to Boot

By adopting a digital business card, you are free of all the restrictions imposed by a physical card. You can customize the design of your card to make it even more compelling. Add richer information like photos, videos, social media profiles, and even personal information like anniversaries and birthdays. Not only can you edit the details as many times as you like but also distribute them to as many people you want because digital cards are completely free of production and distribution costs.

Conclusion: A Greener Option 

You will be shocked to learn that over seven million trees are felled every year to provide the raw material for the manufacture of paper business cards. What is even more tragic is that close to 90% of all business cards are consigned to the waste paper basket almost immediately on receipt. Digital paper cards do not require precious raw materials to produce, and since they produce no waste, they act to reduce your carbon footprint and make the world greener.