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Eric J Dalius Discusses Strategies to Maximize Your Business’s Feasibility & PR Worldwide

Eric Dalius

Last year has been a difficult year for most of the businesses. Globalization, novel technologies, and a health crisis have all contributed towards making 2020 one of the most challenging and unpredictable years so far. The business world has become far more dynamic and changes are taking place rapidly across the globe hence, adaptability is the key parameter for gaining overall business success and competitive edge. However, you can stay way ahead of the curve by chalking out an effective global PR stratagem says Eric J Dalius. Here are some tips for getting recognized globally and hitting the headlines.

Identify Your Objectives

Before you initiate brainstorming sessions on PR strategies and results, it is of pivotal importance to understand your objectives and precisely what your expectations are for your business. You should identify the chief reason behind your PR campaign. Is it for driving sales on a global scale, boosting global awareness of your brand, or generating leads? You must identify the precise business goals. Any PR campaign with no goals is like a rudderless ship. Specific goals will make things easier while executing the strategy and will not create any confusion in the minds of your target audience.

Create a Memorable & Hard-Hitting Press Release

You can create a press release that has a killer headline capable of grabbing the attention of the global audience. If you introduce a catchy angle, more and more readers will be drawn to your news and they would be interested in knowing more about your brand. Your first paragraph must contain the five cardinal Ws such as Who, Where, When, What, and Why. Always remember to include vital information such as contact details. ‘Less is more ‘should be your guiding principle. Hence, keep your press release to one-page at the most.

Focus on Targeting Your Media

Concentrate on your local media for gaining local customers. Remember to send a personalized email to all your local media contacts giving a brief idea regarding your cause. Be creative and meticulous in your approach. For instance, you could consider sending a press kit or media pack so that the channel is equipped with vital information and details that they require for getting your story out among the public.

Remember to Follow up

It is crucial to email or make calls to your targeted media to know what is going on. You must follow up just once and do not nag the media people. However, you may ask the reporters, influencers, journalists, or some other important people related to your PR campaign whether they have got your products or if they have any updates for you. Remember that though following up is essential, you cannot end up harassing anybody for coverage.

Focus on Creating & Submitting Articles

Business guru Eric J Dalius firmly believes that articles are great for providing insight into your organization. Include exclusive content with catchy headlines or enticing taglines to your targeted media. However, there is no point in overpromising and under-delivering. 

Conclusion: Have Faith in Yourself

You should never give up. It takes time and effort to contact the targeted media. You may have to consider multiple angles before you could start gaining traction. Be persistent ad patient in your approach. You can soon see the leads and sales coming in.