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Eric J Dalius – 3 Best Ways to Get Your Small Business Noticed without Spending Too Much

Eric Dalius

When you have a small business or startup, you lack the budget to drive customers to your website through premium digital ads. It implies that you need to think strategically to make your brand’s presence felt on the digital landscape. When you are starting your small business from scratch, it does not make sense to spend heavily to promote. Your products or services, according to marketing evangelist Eric J Dalius.

You might be wondering how to make your business noticed online without creating a dent in your wallet. No, it is not complicated. Here is how you can do it:

1. Leverage social media better, not just for selling your stuff

Modern businesses are building customer engagement through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other channels. Then, that does not mean all businesses are implementing their social media marketing strategy in the right way.

Just like an individual, who blows his or her trumpet, a brand ceaselessly selling products on social media is a big bore! Avoid using each post, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, to exaggerate your products or services. What you can do is add some links to engaging stories related to your business or industry instead. You can even post something interesting such as a fun anecdote about your brand culture.

Then, avoid overdoing like posting photos of cats because such visuals dominate the web unless you have a pet care business.

2. Test the waters with Instagram

Most businesses use Facebook and Twitter, often overlooking the power of Instagram, observes Eric J Dalius. Did you know that Instagram has over 300 million active users, who spend 21 minutes every day on this photo-sharing social media app?

You can make the most out of Instagram if you sell photogenic items such as flowers, cakes, fruits, own a small travel agency, or have a restaurant. You can share high-definition images of foods, cakes, cookies, flowers, and even gift items to build engagement on Instagram. Additionally, use Instagram Stories to share behind-the-scenes shots of a normal day in your business to highlight your brand culture.

For example, some companies are having a dog-friendly office, like Hootsuite with 13,300 followers to its credit. If your business has a fun lunchtime culture, you can post photos and videos through Instagram Stories to show how your employees chill out during lunch break.

3. Design an attractive website

These days, you will find a range of website builders and therefore, it makes perfect sense to design a stellar website for your small business. You can build an attractive and user-friendly website at just $12 a month. You can use WordPress themes that have much flexibility to make your web pages truly personalized to your brand’s requirements.

When your business and sales grow, you can develop a responsive website and decide whether to use paid marketing to make your presence felt online.


Now that you have these tips in front of you, use them to make your small business noticed. Without spending heavily your marketing dollars. Have a website designed and use social media to drive engagement.