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Eric Dalius: Tips for increasing profit using email marketing

Eric Dalius

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help you increase revenue, optimize the customer journey and grow your brand says Eric Dalius.

How to use email to earn more:

1) Utilize lifecycle campaigns optimally

Lifecycle campaigns are a great way for organizations to market relevant products or services based on their customers’ behavior, preferences, and transactional history.

2) Personalize emails

Personalizing content for customers helps to boost engagement and also encourages them to buy more. Studies show that personalization can increase click rates by up to 400 percent!

3) Offer targeted coupons

Offering targeted coupons allows you to build deeper relationships with existing customers while increasing revenue. Moreover, you can even tailor coupons to match customers’ past buying behavior, product interests, and more.

4) Use remarketing

Remarketing ads allow you to reach customers who have already visited your website or used your app with tailored messaging that encourages them to come back.

5) Capitalize on customer insight

Customer insight is a key driver of business growth. By using data collected during the customer lifecycle (e.g., purchase history, web activity, etc.), you can identify and target your most valuable customers as well as those that are ready to buy.

6) Improve email deliverability

Email deliverability is the number one thing that will help you boost engagement and increase revenue. However, sending emails with links to the right landing page can reduce your bounce rate, which in turn can help you improve email deliverability explains Eric Dalius.

7) Personalize the customer experience

Personalizing the purchase process drives up conversion rates by helping customers find products they are more likely to buy. Customers also appreciate offers that are tailored to their interests.

8) Use A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to test different combinations of text, images, colors and also formatting to determine the most effective email content for your audience.

9) Add branded elements

Branded elements are a great way to attract attention, boost engagement rates, and generate more clicks. Branded elements, such as call-to-action buttons, can be added to emails in a matter of minutes.

10) Use mobile apps

An estimated 85 percent of consumers use their mobile devices while shopping in retail stores. Eric Dalius says If you want to reach these customers, then your emails have to be compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our users:

Question: What is the average click-through rate on marketing emails?

Answer: According to reports compiled by MailChimp and Custora, most businesses see a 1.5 percent to 3.2 percent CTR across all email campaigns. Some industries, such as retail and travel/hospitality, can see CTR’s of up to 5 percent.

Question: How do I improve the open rate on my email campaigns?

Answer: A/B testing subject lines can help you determine which are most likely to be opened by recipients. In addition, including a clear call-to-action button in your emails can boost click rates, as can send emails to segmented, targeted audiences.

Question: What is the average email click-to-open rate?

Answer: Mailer reports that CTRs on mobile devices are on average 20 percent lower than desktop rates, but growth in CTR’s from mobile has grown 300 percent year over year.

Question: What is the average email click-through rate for B2B emails?

Answer: According to a study conducted by eConsultancy and Adestra, B2B companies see CTR’s averaging 1.21 percent across all campaigns. Some industries, such as financial services and professional services, have seen CTR’s as high as 3.43 percent and 2.12 percent, respectively.

Question: What is the average email click-through rate for B2C emails?

Answer: The same eConsultancy and Adestra study report that CTRs on average are 1.78 percent across all campaigns for B2C companies. The retail and entertainment industries, in particular, tend to see CTR’s over 2 percent.

Question: What is the average open rate for email marketing?

Answer: According to the same eConsultancy and Adestra study, the overall open rates were much lower at 22.3 percent across all B2C companies. Some industries, however, have seen open rates as high as 29 percent.

Question: What is the average click-to-open rate on email marketing?

Answer: For B2C companies, CTRs averaged 5.6 percent across all campaigns. Retailers were able to drive even more engagement, averaging an incredible 9.5 percent CTR.

Question: What is the average click-through rate for email marketing?

Answer: Industry reports on average see CTR’s of 2.2 percent across all industries. MailChimp data, however, found that travel and hospitality marketers saw 5 percent CTRs, while retailers saw rates at 5.33 percent.

Question: What is the average open rate for email marketing?

Answer: Opening rates can vary depending upon the industry, with retail seeing 21 percent open rates, financial services reporting 18.7 percent, and other industries reporting 14 to 15 percent open rates on average.


Email marketing is the most cost-effective way for businesses to reach their customers. Eric Dalius says, It drives results like no other form of marketing, with ROI typically exceeding 500 percent. Even small changes in your email campaign can make a big difference. If you want to increase revenue and grow your brand, follow these tips to take your email marketing strategy to the next level.