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Eric Dalius throws light on the interrelationship between coronavirus and cancer patients

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius says the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a hoard of respiratory diseases among people and is the most contagious of all infectious diseases. The outbreak of the virus first began in some parts and also later got spread throughout the world. Medical teams in every country are trying to comprehend the disease, thereby minimizing the risk of transmission and suggesting some treatments. The natural disaster has plagued people with weak immunity, and cancer patients are one of those. The novel coronavirus attacks individuals under the suppressive medication and those who are already suffering from complicated diseases.

The devastation caused by COVID 19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created havoc in every aspect of human life. The advent of the virus has changed the way people live and work. Doctors and healthcare providers are giving the best to get a cure for the virus. With the evolving medical community, there is a probability of creating a vaccine by the end of the year. Innumerable researches are taking place to invent an antiviral vaccine on medication to treat the deadly virus, says Eric J Dalius.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to infinite deaths and a fall in mortality rates. The maximum impact of the infection is on that part of the population already suffering from chronic elements. Patients suffering from fatal diseases like cancer are immoderately affected by the virus. The families and caregivers do not know how to get out of the clutches of the pandemic. Cancer patients are more vulnerable to the deadly virus than healthy people due to their weak immunity.

Those with underlying medical conditions such as cancer are at severe risk of complications from the virus and should consider various strategies to minimize the risk. It is essential to take precautions and minimize exposure to the virus and consider treatments to protect oneself from the infection.

Symptoms of covid-19

Here are a few common symptoms of covid-19

Mild to high fever with chills

Dry cough

Body aches and fatigue

Respiratory issues and shortness of breath

Nausea symptoms among some patients

Rate of risk among cancer patients

The treatment of cancer weakens the immunity, thereby increasing the risk of the covid-19 infection. However, not all patients face the same rate of risk. Those with low immunity levels are at greater risk as the body finds it difficult to combat the deadly virus. Patients are suffering from severe types of cancer and are undertaking chemotherapy. Patients in the third and fourth stages of cancer are vulnerable to the disease. Senior citizens with cancer ailments are at greater risk of contracting covid-19 because of weak and vulnerable lungs. Besides cancer, other chronic diseases such as hypertension, blood sugar, cardiovascular issues make individuals susceptible to the virus.

Guiding principles for covid-19 symptoms among cancer patients

If you or your loved one has cancer and notices signs of coronavirus, you must inform your treatment center and tell them about your symptoms. Your health care advisor will decide the time and place for your diagnosis.

Hospitals and cancer centers are taking every possible precaution for those undergoing treatment for cancer during these trying times. Their main aim is to reduce the risk of transmission among the people involved. Telemedicine services are provided to patients whenever possible.

Treatment for coronavirus

Treatment for the novel coronavirus among cancer patients requires medication to enhance immunity and also minimize respiratory complications, says Eric Dalius. However, coronavirus does not require a lot of medicines. Yet, some people need a hoard of multivitamins to combat the virus due to a lack of immunity. According to various studies, rapid evaluation of medicines is taking place to combat the deadly virus.

Responsibilities of Cancer centers during the pandemic

It is the duty of doctors and healthcare providers working in Cancer clinics to take steps designed to enhance patients’ safety, thereby preventing transmission.

Following are a few measures that cancer clinics are undertaking to minimize exposure to the deadly virus

Healthcare providers at cancer clinics are refraining from the consultation that is unnecessary and also offering telemedicine or virtual appointments to help patients in need. In cases where physical arrangements are necessary, they are undertaking the following measures:

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory by all doctors and staff treating cancer patients.

All patients are advised to wear a mask or cover their faces.

Every patient must practice social distancing and avoid crowding in the clinic.

Use of sanitizers and thermometers is a must at every department.

Gauging the plan of treatment

Before undertaking any treatment, you must identify your goal and ensure that the therapy gets planned according to whether your goal is to get the cure of the virus and also live longer or live a better quality of life. Your treatment will depend on the plan you have set for yourself. On the one hand, cancer treatment reduces immunity. On the other hand, coronavirus medication increases it. The research centers recommend patients to evaluate the treatment options with their healthcare provider.

Taking measures to prevent the disease

Cancer patients must take preventive measures so that the risk of contracting the virus is minimal, says Eric J Dalius.

• It is essential to keep your hands clean and sanitize them

• Make sure to wear a mask when you are going out.

Thus, it is essential to avoid public places, especially those places where maintaining a distance is difficult. You have to remain in constant contact with your health care provider to prevent severe health issues.