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Eric Dalius – The business leader and marketing genius

Eric Dalius

Every business leader undertakes a distinctive path for their journey! One famous name to note here is Eric Dalius, who has created a successful career in entrepreneurship and also marketing. He is an enthusiastic and energetic individual who is continuously aiming for brand new ways to use his talents and skills to add value to the global business community.

Even though currently Eric Dalius is in semi-retirement, he still wants to carry on with his entrepreneurial initiatives. He doesn’t have any plans to slow down his ambitions anytime soon. 

Education and early business years

Eric J Dalius has a degree from Penn State back in 1992. And as soon as he graduated, he has been excelling in his work arena. He started working professionally with MCI Telecom, and within two years, he became a successful sales representative in the entire country. Once he had attained success here, Eric Dalius soon shifted to his new venture. He was continually taking creative liberties and searching for new channels to unleash his business acumen and entrepreneurial vision. 

During the middle of 1994, Eric Dalius went ahead and founded his business venture. He had the experience of working as a telecommunications consultant. His business started to attain new heights of success, and Eric Dalius kept working for a long time daily. Despite his busy schedule, he managed his time to assume the role of a little league coach. The ’90s had treated him well overall, and he attained success that he didn’t think he can achieve.

The Cash-Out Real Estate

It was in 2002 that Eric Dalius opted for a new path! He went ahead and had come up with his organization named CORE (Cash Out Real Estate) based on membership. Had used a AAA model that generated more than 10 million sales. He had also specialized in property refinancing and buying real estate. And within just one year, he had close to 50 properties. Even though this venture was successful in the initial years, the company closed down owing to the 2008 recession.

Eric Dalius Foundation

One of the pertinent issues that America faces is educational inequality! There are minority communities where there’s a lesser college education, which leads to reduced household income. Eric Dalius wanted to end this issue and provide education to the best minds in America. For this, he came up with the Eric Dalius Foundation, where young Americans below the poverty line get the resources to attend college.

Post-secondary education is essential to attain academic success! The foundation makes it possible for candidates to opt-in for specialized programs in colleges and universities. The foundation provides American students with reading, comprehension, researching, writing, and reasoning skills. It will help them become successful adults and bring a change in marketing and business leaders like Eric Dalius. 

New ventures

Currently, EJ Dalius is working on his next business venture. One thing that most people can conclude about this man is that he hasn’t hit the pause button yet. He has great passion and also the energy that he wants to disseminate throughout the world.