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Eric Dalius suggests tactics to grow your real estate business after COVID

your real estate business

For people who are starting the real estate business, they need to understand the very niche of it. Everyone wants to generate income out of their business, and there are many tactics real estate agents employ to sail through. After the pandemic effect, agents need to start with more vigor and focus on kick-starting their business. 

Maximizing revenues in real estate is a major task, which has become more difficult due to the global economy’s lack of certainty. Eric J Dalius comes up with a list of strategies to help people in the real estate sector after the pandemic. 

Flipping after fixing

Flipping is where real estate agents buy a house, repair it, and then sell for profit. To expand their stream of income, many real estate agents help their clients to flip houses. However, some agents engage in flipping themselves to generate revenue for their businesses. EJ Dalius, a professional real estate manager, suggests flipping multiple properties to reduce risk in business. Flipping needs a lot of experience because you need to buy a house below the market value and estimate its repair cost accurately. You need to analyze its price after the repair to make a profit by selling it. If you do not have the experience, you might incur losses. There are many foreclosure markets where you can easily buy houses for flipping.

Hunting for off-market assets

If you do not want to have a hard time making money in the real estate business, you should be on the lookout for suitable properties. Many people want to sell their assets below market value because they are in urgent need of cash. You need to be looking for such assets as this will quickly generate profits for you. These assets are capable of bringing in huge returns on your investment.

An excellent real estate agent’s essential quality is to keep his or her ear to the ground. It is the word of mouth and contacts that can help you get good assets and the right clients. So you should expand the networking channels to get new clients. Many times good connections with real estate attorneys can help you strike a lucrative deal. Estate attorneys are usually in touch with creditors who need immediate cash. 

These creditors are more likely to sell their assets at an undervalued price. You can get substantial investment returns by selling off the assets only after a few days of purchase. You can even purchase both residential and commercial properties through auctions. Many auction properties are priced low because banks own and auction them. It can turn into a lucrative business for real estate agents.

Changing Scenario after COVID

The immediate impact of COVID is too grave, and economic activity is still stalled in many places, thereby negatively affecting many sectors. People are still anticipating what the new normal would appear to be. The real estate sector needs new business strategies and ethics when the economic activity starts again full-fledged. Only after the risk of people’s life reduces, businesses can start in full swing.