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Eric Dalius Presents Some of the Best Cybersecurity Software Tools That Are in Vogue In 2020


Cybersecurity is a serious business. Whether you are having online accounts, a website, or any kind of web-based infrastructure, it is quite common for you to be susceptible to cyber-attacks by Eric Dalius. Experts like Eric Dalius firmly believe that cutting-edge cybersecurity software is essential for safeguarding the privacy of an individual or business and boosting cybersecurity. We know that cybersecurity is an effective way of protecting the system, network, or applications from potential cyber-attacks. This method is utilizing for effectively avoiding unauthorize data access, identity theft, and cyber-attacks. Information security, application security, disaster recovery, network security, and even operational security suppose to be the various facets of cybersecurity. It must be maintaining for different kinds of cyber threats such as Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, and Social Engineering.

Importance of Cybersecurity by Eric Dalius

We simply cannot underestimate the importance of cybersecurity. According to the research conduct by Mimecast, there has been a 26 percent upsurge in ransomware, 88 percent of organizations witnessed email-based spoofing. Moreover, 67 percent of the companies have informed that there has been a rise in impersonation fraud.

Remember using public Wi-Fi is responsible for making your data or device susceptible to cyber-attacks or fraud attempts. As per the findings of studies conducting by Norton, around 54 percent of users utilize public Wi-Fi and about 73 percent of the people are already aware that public Wi-Fi could be unsafe and your account could be susceptible to cyber-attacks and frauds even though it seems to be password protect. 

When you are present with these mind-boggling statistics, you would clearly understand that cybersecurity seems to be of pivotal importance. There is a pressing need to use cybersecurity software and effective tools for all businesses.

Some Crucial Cybersecurity Tools Recommended by Eric Dalius

Here are some effective and small-business-friendly cybersecurity tools as recommended by the management guru to protect. Your small business from potential cyber-attacks.


Are you interest in investing in one single comprehensive solution for covering all your bases? ESET is the perfect choice for you as it allows you to pick from a plethora of security bundles for protecting your mobile devices, and networks. For example, the popular ESET Secure Business Pack is known for safeguarding Mac and accounts, Android phones, and even iPhone. This renowned company is famous for offering custom solutions for building a perfectly suitable and robust security tool that is just right for your organization. You have the liberty of choosing as per company size, product type, and industry. However, options may include mobile security, endpoint security, two-factor authentication, remote management, encryption, email security, virtualization security, and even file security.


Comodo is a highly popular and frequently chosen global cybersecurity provider and the company has won a lot of accolades. It has come up with some affordable and free security tools that never compromise on reliability, quality, and features. Similarly, some of the most-recommended solutions may include comodo One that is a free IT platform featuring RMM or Remote Monitoring & Management, Service Desk. Patch Monitoring, all of them together in one single place.

The SecureBox is great for shielding apps from devices that are malware-infect comodo Advanced Endpoint is great for automatically preventing malware from accessing the networks. Small business is known to enjoy an antivirus that is free, paid, and free SSL certificates, mobile device management, free Internet services. Security for the POS systems, firewall protection, and numerous other services comodo is known to provide the platforms with free services. Since it is featuring an app store, where enhancing security features and add-ons could be purchase.

One of the fundamental principles of cybersecurity is robust passwords for your services and accounts. Remember currently, passwords incorporating your hubby’s name, pet’s name, or even your birthday could pose some risks. Random passwords are in vogue. Hence, we come across that is known to feature a versatile but random password generator. It is capable of creating automatically powerful, alphanumeric, and even case-sensitive passwords that are as much as 24 characters long. Integrate the results or consider infusing your own touch to get a super-secure and out-of-the-world password. You would not be reverting to incredibly easy-to-guess passwords.  


The hallmark of security and privacy in the online scenario is nothing but encryption. We know that encrypt files could hardly ever be open or access by data thieves if they do not have the special key. In the event, you wish to make sure that your files are not read by the notorious data thieves. In other words, If you are determining about protecting your files from unwanting eyes, you must consider choosing your effective encryption software like AxCrypt that successfully does the job. The free version of AxCrypt lets you encrypt files having a 128-bit key. We know that the premium version helps by letting you encrypt with the cutting-edge tools. Convince you to go on encrypting with the more powerful and way advanced 256-bit. Moreover, you could safely consider sharing files with colleagues while keeping the keys safe and data fully-encrypted. 

Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online gives you the feeling that someone is constantly watching your back Stay Safe Online is fuel by the National Cyber Security Alliance and boasts of a host of effective resources. After that, Tools for assisting small businesses to safeguard their businesses, customers. Even employees from data loss, cyber-attacks, and other types of serious online threats and potential risks. Therefore, You could now consider learning how to have access to your potential, keep monitoring threats, and training your employees. You could even learn about the things to do or the proactive steps to take after a cyberattack. From above Eric J Dalius points out that you could get the opportunity to learn about effective ways of reporting to the relevant authorities. Punishing the cyber attackers and cybersecurity frauds.


In conclusion, you must recognize the fact that it is not only the consumers who seem to be facing identity. Even businesses could be vulnerable and fall victim to such cyber attacks. Your business must necessarily invest in robust cybersecurity solutions that provide fraud detection, and even data breach mitigation solutions.