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Eric Dalius on the Best Branding Ideas for Your Small Business in 2021

Eric Dalius

Business branding is not easy, especially when it comes to your small business. That is because a startup does not have those resources. As bigger businesses employ experienced branding professionals as well as invest in numerous channels. Eric Dalius, who is a marketing expert, recommends you reconsider your branding strategies this year. Is your business communicating with your targeted audience leveraging the best social media platforms? In this age of global competition, your brand needs to stand out from your competitors.

In this article, you will learn about some of the branding ideas for your small business in 2021. Here is how:

Evaluate your business performance

Last year, the corona pandemic created havoc and adversely affected all businesses, big and small. In 2021, with the pandemic still present, you need to ensure that your brand values incorporate integrity, trustworthiness, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. Even if your business performed not that well last year, you need to evaluate your current performance. To figure out your weaknesses and address them for delighting your customers.

Improve your business strategies to reinforce your brand value. If there are problems related to your products or services, inform your customers and make the necessary amends. It is important to note that customers like brands that interact with their audience and make them feel valued and involved. Make sure your brand is honest and transparent with the customers.

Improve your branding materials like brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and things like that. Eric J Dalius thinks that redesigning marketing collaterals prove beneficial when your brand has some new products or services to offer.

Analyze and improve your social media marketing

Even small businesses require social media marketing, especially when you own a startup, which is almost new. Set up your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn because these platforms offer multiple opportunities to reach out to a large audience base.

Traditional business marketing is now being replaced by digital interactions through social media sites. Your Facebook or Instagram page will help you to develop connections and create a community of people, who use your products or services. Did you know that social media platforms also help your brand gain media mileage surrounding your products and services? Besides, social sites also help you create brand awareness with moderate budgets and grassroots marketing campaigns.

Start a business blog

Blogging is one of the best small business branding strategies to build your authority in the niche industry or sector you cater to this year. Start publishing quality blog articles related to your products or services supported by relevant images or videos. Then, do not promote your products through your blogs directly. Share information about how your products or services will make customers’ lives simpler or solve their problems. Churn out content related to the latest business trends and updated information to make your blog engaging to your audience. Use the best mix of content and visuals in your blog articles.


Now that you have these branding ideas for your business, implement them in your marketing strategy this year. Do some research and use your creativity to learn more about your targeted customers to make them talk about your brand.