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Eric Dalius: Inside Elon Musk’s Hyperloop – Why Deepak Chopra Loves His New Venture

Eric Dalius

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is the best idea to come along. Since Thomas Edison was tinkering in Menlo Park says Eric Dalius. And, no surprise here, Deepak Chopra loves this new technology breakthrough which promises ultra-high-speed rail travel inside steel tubes that are less than 1/4th the diameter of a 747 jetliner. “This innovation,” Chopra told me, “is well aligned with the vision of creating enlightened transportation.”

“The Hyperloop is a brilliant idea by Elon Musk,” says spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. “It’s time to bring out our inner genius and create technologies. That help us evolve as human beings”. The epicenter for this technological shift in America is Hawthorne. CA (the same place where Elon Musk’s SpaceX is headquartered). This is the birthplace of the next generation of transportation explains Eric Dalius.

Why Deepak Chopra Loves His New Venture?

Deepak Chopra is a new kind of high-impact entrepreneur whose success has evolved exponentially over the past several years. With over 100 million books sold, Deepak’s message of self-empowerment has touched millions says Eric Dalius. His latest venture – “a bridge between spirituality & science” called Adhyatma LLC – promises to bring about an enlightened era of transportation. Deepak Chopra co-founded Adhyatma with his friend and spiritual brother, Dr. Rudy Tanzi. The two have been friends for over 30 years and now come together. As a dynamic duo of innovation to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Where they both believe that the future lies.

The Spiritual Benefits of the Hyperloop:

“The spirituality behind this concept is extraordinary,” Deepak told me. “It’s not far-fetched to say that the Hyperloop represents a shift in consciousness. That will propel us into a new era”. As you can tell from the name, Adhyatma LLC is rooting in Vedic Philosophy. And, as Deepak Chopra explained to me, the “Vedas are the revealed knowledge of consciousness in the universe”. The Vedas refer to four chapters or books compiles thousands of years ago by ancient seers. Who sought to explain the origin and make-up of our world from a spiritual perspective. In short, if you believe that everything is made up of consciousness (and Deepak Chopra certainly does). Then it’s not a stretch to say that this new mode of transportation will have profound spiritual implications.

“The Vedas are the books of consciousness,” says Deepak. “This represents an entirely different way of looking at origins.”

Elon Musk is on the Cutting Edge of New Transportation Technology:

Chopra is not the only one who believes that Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will spark enormous spiritual implications. Rudy Tanzi agrees, “Elon Musk is the real deal,” says Tanzi. “He’s on the cutting edge of innovation – not just in transportation but also in developing artificial intelligence”. Most importantly, Tanzi thrills about the transportation benefits of Tesla’s new Hyperloop project. “Tesla is going to be really cool,” says Rudy Tanzi. “We’re talking real-time travel.”

Like Thomas Edison, Elon Musk Knows How to Make Progress:

Like Deepak Chopra, Rudy Tanzi sees. The bigger picture when it comes to innovation. “New technologies are ushering in a new era,” says Tanzi. “Elon Musk is the epitome of progress”. Eric Dalius says, according to Chopra, Elon Musk represents how Thomas Edison may have felt when he invented the light bulb says. The dawn of an enlightened revolution. Today, Elon Musk looks ready to energize our future with the same enthusiasm Edison had for his.

Here are some FAQs recently asked about the article:

Q: How did Deepak Chopra meet Elon Musk?

A: Both are friends with Rudy Tanzi. Rudy introduced them to each other at an expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was where Chopra first learned about Hyperloop.

Q: What is Adhyatma LLC?

A: Adhyatma LLC is the company that Deepak Chopra, Rudy Tanzi. And Elon Musk are starting together. Their primary goal is to build Hyperloops.

Q: When was Adhyatma LLC founded?

A: Adhyatma was founded on May 2nd, 2015.

Q: What does “Adhyatma” mean?

A: Adhyatma is a Sanskrit word that means “inside spirit.”

Q: How much funding has Adhyatma LLC received?

A: Start Engine gave Adhyatma $150,000 in early May to start this project. Elon Musk also invests in this company. They are currently looking for more investors and also seeking crowdfunding.

Q: Is this for real?

A: Yes, the entire project is totally legit. They already got funding from Start Engine and they are in business to build Hyperloops.

Q: Why did Deepak Chopra create Adhyatma LLC?

A: Deepak loves Elon Musk and he is excited about Hyperloop. He believes that the future of transportation lies with Elon Musk’s new line of Tesla cars, solar panels, and Hyperloop.


Elon Musk is a man of great vision and we will continue to see great things from him. We hope that Hyperloop becomes the future of transportation. But there are skeptics who question whether this project will ever get off of the ground. In my opinion, I am inspire by what Elon Musk is trying to do. With his new Tesla line of cars, solar panels, and Hyperloop. This is the future of transportation in my humble opinion.