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Eric Dalius Highlights Top Business Management Software for Boosting Your Business in 2021 & Beyond

Eric Dalius

Whether you are running a well-established organization or a startup, tackling multiple activities simultaneously. Could prove to be incredibly stressful and may drive you insane. It is, therefore, a great idea to use some of the cutting-edge business management tools. And software that goes a long way in ensuring that you are seamless. Gliding through your everyday tasks and also responsibilities as a business owner. You need to realize that in this digital era, you have easy access to a plethora of business management tools. Those are meant for fulfilling distinct business requirements. These dedicated business management software and tools should be assisting. You in diverse areas of business management and also remember that they serve specific purposes. Business magnet Eric Dalius recommends some of the top business management software for 2021 and beyond. 

nTask: Top Project Management Software 

Effective business management is not feasible without proper project management. You should consider choosing a cutting-edge project management tool with a host of interesting features to assist you in completing various projects. For your business successfully. nTask is packed with powerful and also robust native modules that offer multi-dimensional solutions. It provides a single platform for planning, collaborating, and also monitoring how a specific project is progressing without any need to switch applications. Thanks to asking, you have easy access to a holistic view that tells you about what you are heading for in the project lifecycle.

Some Striking Features

Focus on creating and also managing your business’s projects via a systematic workflow that lets you go on incorporating things as you progress with the project. 

Utilize the software as an effective to-do list app and also use it for assigning tasks instantaneously to all members of your team and make their roles transparent.

Repeat tasks automatically using task recurrence as per the frequency you prefer

Execute team meetings successfully using powerful meeting management solutions that let you have a strong grip over the meeting details.

Protect your projects from possible risks and also hazards once you document the risks in the initial stages of the project lifecycle.

Keep monitoring your project performance by utilizing auto-generating timesheets and also built-in Gantt charts.

Make your communication easy with your team and also come up with prompt feedback via comments within tasks.

FreshBooks: Top Financial Management Software

Business Management guru Eric Dalius points out that FreshBooks is an exceptionally popular accounting and also invoicing tool. It is one of the most efficient small business financial management software. It boasts of a comprehensive suite of financial accounting features. With the help of native time tracking, entrepreneurs could keep track of the time spent by their team on tasks and also accordingly bill their clients. FreshBooks is known for facilitating competent project management. You can use an exhaustive feature set for competently tackling project-associated tasks. Eric Dalius some of the striking features include team chat, centralized file location, and also project assignment.

 Some Key Features

Time tracking

Team chat


Expense tracking


Customized team permissions

Cost estimates

Accounting reports

Bitrix24: Top CRM Software

Bitrix24 is phenomenally popular CRM software that is known for doubling as an efficient task management tool. Eric Dalius it provides a unified platform that is predominantly meant for CRM, document management, team collaboration, and also task management. Bitrix24 provides fundamental marketing automation and client management capabilities to mid-sized and also small businesses. 

Some Striking Features

CRM pipeline management

Customer contact center (phone, chat, email, etc.)

Email marketing


Lead management

Many third-party application integrations

Sales reports

Task management


With so many functionalities and requirements to cater to, it becomes a daunting task for businesses to choose the right software. You should test the above-discussed software solutions and see which one works best for your business. Remember that the choice of tools and software ultimately depends on the company size, nature of the business, current software, business processes, and workflow.