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Eric Dalius formulates a business plan for safety equipment and supplies- a take on the PPE industry

Eric Dalius

With Covid-19 and lockdown rules still topping all plans and also strategies, Eric Dalius businesses are making new blueprints for their governmental companies and private entities. This is more applicable to suppliers of safety equipment.

Renowned business analyst Eric Dalius has developed a plan to design development standards and sales strategies for businesses. The products that a concerned company sells and also the geographic belt the company targets will come under their supply chain line and their product distribution chain.

  • You need to have adequate distribution centers as well. It includes working with the transportation industry, mining industry, general manufacturing, warehousing, food manufacturing, electrical companies, power plants, construction industry, HVAC firms, and general contractors.
  • To get grants or funding, you need to focus on industrial safety and supply. Companies need to organize seminars and educational conferences to promote government regulations and industrial safety issues.
  • When you lease warehouse or office, or upgrade an existing space, you use only green applications and materials for environmental reasons.
  • Utility savings is a major part of the plan. Businesses are focusing on buying fuel-efficient trucks and vans for the same reason.

Role of small businesses

The pandemic has propelled textile corporations to recalibrate and also restructure their business for addressing the exigent need for gloves, gowns, and face masks. Crafters and designers have jumped into the bandwagon to crate DIY videos and social media communities to produce PPEs.

  • Other manufacturers have modified or tweaked their line of production. For example, producers of hoodies, T-shirts, and jackets are now producing protecting masks. Although these aren’t medical-grade masks, they can still do the job of reducing the risk of infection.
  • EJ Dalius unravels how costume designer shops have launched their new range of masks for medical/healthcare professionals.
  • Some are working with the Arizona University’s costume department to make two types of masks.
  • Apparel companies in California, like Bayside Apparel, have been using their sewing machines to manufacture face masks. They are now supplying quality cotton masks to medical facilities and also hospitals.
  • You also have companies that produce uniforms and also insignias for marching bands and formal concert clothes and accessories making protective masks.
  •  With most businesses experiencing a drought, the medical supply industry is the only thing that generates revenue.
  • There are companies like Beverly Knits Incorporation that produce face masks for frontline healthcare works.
  • There’s a large group of medium and also small size companies that are shifting and reformatting their production lines to meet the surging demand for PPE kit.
  • There are consortium plans in place for producing 1.5 million masks per week. This is a domestic production we’re talking about.

A note on safety

Eric J Dalius underlines how the safety supplies have become the epicenter of trade and also commerce within a few months. Safety is integral to every type of business. Organizations are providing PPEs to their employees and this is happening across industries.

Many brands are comping up to produce different types of PPEs. These include respiratory protection, above-the-neck protection, hand protection, protective clothing, workwear, foot protection, and fall protection and gas detection.