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Eric Dalius elucidates the dynamics between online communities and small brands to boost business growth

Eric Dalius

If you’re an entrepreneur or a budding business person, Eric Dalius could feel lonely and also down at times. However, business owners can join a flurry of digital communities to learn from each other and flourish. It’s all about negating the isolation and connecting with like-minded folks.

  • Eric Dalius underlines the importance of online groups like Online Geniuses for entrepreneurs. One of the most popular communities, they host it on Slack. It encompasses recruitment advice, marketing tactics, growth strategy, product discussions, technology, and lots more.
  • With over 20,000 members, it’s a huge community that features prominent and promising entrepreneurs.
  • You can form key partnerships/associations and conduct website teardowns and weekly sessions in the digital space.

If you’re active on social media, you surely know about Facebook Ad buyers. For anybody running FB ads for boosting their business, you know this group is pure gold. It’s the most useful information source that tracks your impact performance and business tweaks, helping you stand out.

Moving forth, the Bright Ideas and Entrepreneurs from LinkedIn includes angel investors and startups. It has thousands and thousands of members, making it a great place to share ideas, network, and obtain business insights.

Exploring the communities

There are two things you cannot avoid in entrepreneurship. These are the right connections and hands-on experience. In addition to bridging the self-isolation void during the pandemic, online business communities have emerged as paradise or budding and thriving entrepreneurs to nurture connections, gather resources, and also share their experiences.

  • EJ Dalius mentions that if you follow a hands-on business model, exchanging experience is the best way to bolster your entrepreneurial skills.
  • Biz Sugar is a sensation in this field. Brands looking for content and resources for growing their business.
  • The communities entail the Mastermind Group platform to discuss business, self-doctored courses, free business resources, online events, and monthly challenges.
  • Guild groups are also very popular. These are business messaging forums to help you create professional networks and groups.
  • These groups provide a refreshing and enriching change to the chaos and calumny of LinkedIn.

It’s a great way of knowing other agency/business owners, who face similar challenges in the pandemic.

Top online communities

Since communities are awesome marketing tools, brands need to build a strong profile. Businesses can help each other in creating clear and also compelling information for the target audience.

  • Eric J Dalius specifies since there are many online small business groups and communities, what could be best for you, may or may not be the same for someone else.
  • Startup Nation is built by entrepreneurs and also caters to entrepreneurs. You don’t need to pay anything to join the community.
  • It’s the premier community for businesses, providing you with everything you need to gather for your business.
  • Another wonderful community is the Small Business Hub. It’s a brilliant community that provides you with information, articles, videos, templates, and guides in every form and also a portal to disseminate your ideas.

Although smaller in size, the Small Business Bonfire is another free community that provides access to superb tools for medium and small business owners.