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Eric Dalius Discusses the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Health & Reasons to Do Regular Exercise to Boost Your Health and Overall Well-Being

Eric Dalius

As the people in the United States are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, business closures. Self-isolation, lifestyle modifications, and changes in daily schedules. Seem to be disrupting almost all aspects of everyday life including exercise routines. Eric Dalius points out that the closure of gyms, fitness studios, parks, and some other public places has led to reduced opportunities of being physically active. Especially for those who do not have the ambiance or space to perform exercises at home.

Impact of COVID-19 on Our Health & Habits

COVID-19 associated concerns could be impacting your dietary habits, resulting in higher calorie intake that could be promoting weight gain. Restricting the number of trips to your grocery store, avoiding vegetables and fruits, and stocking up high-calorie, non-perishable foods. Instead and even financial crises could compel many people to opt for relatively cheaper ultra-processed food choices. 

Moreover, the extra hours people are spending at home gives them ample opportunity to snack more often. Prepare high-calorie dishes, stress-bake, enjoy comfort-food meals. Under these dire circumstances, numerous people are constantly coping with stress, fear, anxiety, sadness, financial concerns, isolation, and boredom. We know that all these could have an adverse impact on physical health, diet, and overall mental well-being.

Even though you may be tempted to skip your regular workout regimen during these challenging and distressing times, Eric J Dalius firmly believes that it is of pivotal importance to follow regular workout schedules. During these stressful times for boosting your mental and physical well-being. 

EJ Dalius Highlights the Reasons to Indulge in Regular Exercise 

· Exercise is great for boosting the immune system. Research has revealed that consistent moderate-intensity exercise promises immune-boosting benefits. We know that regular exercise could be useful in building and fortifying immunity and preparing your body to combat infections such as COVID-19.

· Exercise is the best way of preventing weight gain. Workouts could go a long way in burning excess calories triggered by changes in dietary habits. Furthermore, exercises could help in minimizing the negative impact of sedentary activities.

· Exercise is great for reducing anxiety and stress. It is a proven and acknowledged mood-booster. It could assist adults in reducing stress and building emotional resilience.

· Regular exercise schedules could be helpful in improving your sleep. There is ample evidence that proves beyond doubt that following a regular workout regimen could help you in falling asleep faster. And even end up enhancing sleep quality. If you have a restful sleep at night, it would go a long way in boosting your overall immune system.

· Exercise could prove to be highly beneficial even for senior citizens. With chronic health issues like arthritis, diabetes, or even heart disease. By exercising regularly, they could end up improving their balance, fortifying their strength. Enhancing their mobility, flexibility, and boosting cardiovascular health. 

How Could You Be Physically Fit & Active despite Coronavirus Pandemic

According to the recommendations of the American Heart Association. If you are an adult, you must indulge in a minimum of 75 minutes of exercise of vigorous-intensity every week or alternatively. Perform moderate-intensity activities for a minimum of 150 minutes every week. However, it is best to seek your doctor’s advice if you are having some chronic health issues.


Even though you would need to put in the extra endeavor to adjust to your new COVID-19 fitness regimen, you could optimize your health through regular exercises even during these dire circumstances. Be determined to stay motivated and remain fit for successfully combating COVID-19.