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Eric Dalius and his wife Kim Dalius reflect on the significance of technology for small businesses

However, The 21st century brings with it the advantages of technology and the Internet. The increasing use of social media platforms and other outlets has added to entrepreneurial activities. People these days are slowly moving away from offline to online media. However, By using technology, millions of businesses have enhanced their business skills as well as opportunities Kim Dalius.

However, Technology is a cost-effective, simple and economical way of promoting businesses. It has become a commendable way of attaining high returns at minimum cost. Eric Dalius, who is a renowned business leader, has gained success for his investment strategies. He has invested in various commercial and residential properties extensively. He understands the significance of technology in modern times.

Kim Dalius asks entrepreneurs to connect with clients

However, The clients and the employees are assets of a business. You have to take care of the needs and requirements of both if you want your business to perform well. For this, you have to make the most of the communication network. If you want to connect with these individuals, you have to invest your time and effort in looking for the best means. By using technology, you can get in touch with your employees and customers every day. 

How to improve marketing tactics?

However, another practical use of technology that Eric Dalius believes is effective is the improvement of marketing tactics. These day’s individuals are using specific marketing strategies for giving a boost to their venture. It is possible because of the advent of the Internet. Different software is available for building a robust and reliable business plan.

However, Eric Dalius communicates to his wife Kim Dalius the significance of working on a business model. By working on a website, you will give access to your clients. They will feel connected with your brand and use the website to clarify their doubts. It will boost your business dealings and build on your credibility.

How to employ social media as an effective tool?

Also, these days social media platforms have become an elementary tool for growing businesses. Small and medium enterprises struggling with their funds try to harness social media for their digital marketing tactics. These days the Internet has made it easy for entrepreneurs to deal with promotions and advertisement issues. Social media is a development in this direction.

Use technology to improve your productivity

However, When initiating businesses, you have to invest your effort in different roles. For this, you can delegate tasks to your workforce. From accounting to HR managing to social media managing to marketing, there are multiple roles you have to pay. Kim Dalius has been a remote learning academic advisor for Hospitality Center/Culinary Institute at Miami Dade Colleges. She has made provisions for virtual enrichment learning for The Hospitality Club. When you use technology to deal with your business processes, you can prevent security breaches and boost your assignments. By way of passwords and firewalls, you can avoid multiple problems.

Hence, if you want to use technology as your effective tool, it will provide you with multiple benefits.