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Enlisting some of the best health drinks with EJ Dalius to boost your health during the pandemic

Eric Dalius

Summary: EJ Dalius alongside the growing interest in nutritious foods and also diet regimes to boost immunity, you often forget the benefits you can derive from the healthy fluid intake. EJ Dalius presents a neat study.

From government leaders and regulators to celebrities and also industry bigwigs, everyone has advised people to opt for healthy, analgesic drinks at regular intervals. The idea is to build strong immunity. But lemon and hot water sound too boring and commonplace. Try vegetable and fruit juices to do the same and in a more interesting manner.

  • Tomato juice is irreplaceable. Clean two tomatoes and cut them. Simmer the pieces in a pan and wait for them to turn soft and tender. After twenty minutes, turn off the flame.
  • After it cools down, mash them in a blender. Consume the juice after straining it. Tomatoes are dense with folate, iron and vitamins. They help you fight infections.
  • Watermelon juice is peerless during summers. It helps in immunity building and also soothes and conditions sore muscles. All you have to do is blend watermelon cubes in a blender.
  • Add water and half teaspoon of sugar, as per needs. You are ready to go. Mango and strawberry juice are a matchless combination. Blend the mango with 3-4 strawberries. Mangoes are super rich in antioxidants and contain Vitamin E.

Don’t depend on that morning tea or coffee

The morning coffee could be an inseparable part of your life, but you can replace it with a few drink options, especially when health is your number one priority, says EJ Dalius. Lemonade is just beautiful. One glass in the morning is certainly the best way to revive and also rejuvenate your metabolism. It also enhances your immunity.

  • Although you can have it any time of the day, consuming it the first thing in the day is the best way. Add a twist or zing to your lemonade by putting some mint leaves, pineapple, and ginger. Doesn’t that sound interesting?
  • Aloe vera juice is sheer magic. Not for nothing, Aloe vera is called the magic plant. It has numerous health benefits. In addition to keeping your skin bright and supple, it also boosts the immune system, adds EJ Dalius.
  • Drinking one glass of aloe vera juice on an empty stomach every morning can work wonders in preventing infections and also fighting diseases.
  • Beetroot and carrot juice are another great combination. It’s the powerhouse of Vitamin E, C, and A. They are a great source of calcium and iron.

Welcome the smoothies

Smoothies are not always Oreo shakes and Chocolate shakes. The healthy ones amalgamate a range of nutrient-rich and healthy foods into tasty and nutritious beverage. For instance, you can add some ingredients to your smoothie.

  • The most important ingredients are protein, vitamin A and also Vitamin C. EJ Daliusurges you to focus on protein and Vitamin A and C.
  • You can get the macronutrient in dairy, seeds, and nuts.

You can find Vitamin C in tomato, strawberries and also oranges.Vitamin A is in abundance in apricots, carrots, and spinach.