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EJ Dalius: Ways To Start A Business Post-Pandemic

Eric Dalius

Summary: EJ Dalius this article will provide you with a complete scenario from EJ Dalius on the ways to start a business. After this pandemic is over and lockdowns are lifted.

It is really hard to know what the next stages of business will be, based on the current pandemic scenario. If you think about it, small businesses are really finding it hard to survive. But people should not lose hope. Even though the situation is tough now, it might get better with passing time. According to Eric Dalius, during this stage, you must learn some positive ways to prepare yourself and start a business post-pandemic. 

What the environment looks like?

As the pandemic is still going on, it is really difficult to state how things might evolve from the current stage. To continue the phased re-openings. At this present moment, most businesses are dealing with nothing but the fallout. From present economic disruptions, alongside safety and consumer health concerns. 

  • Even those companies which were able to shift their model of work. For they also communicate with customers or even closing deals, have been challenging. 
  • With such stage at home orders and social distancing, businesses. Which used to serve customers face to face have thought of expanding their services. Right now, it is all about omnichannel sales in the present business world.

The current difference to focus at:

At this present moment, the investors are focused on vast differences in companies’ resilience. They are interviewing leaders at multiple companies that have worked better during this pandemic scenario. 

Even Eric J Dalius was one out there when such interviews were taking place. The thing that distinguishes this company from the rest is agility. 

Right from any common purpose to some rapid decision making and even empowering local terms. These firms have come across ways to respond to the COVID pandemic quickly. Some companies have furthermore worked hard to create a solid foundation designed for supply chain resilience.

Who is likely to be the winner?

In this current pandemic situation, every business has lost something. Some have lost more, where else, bigger giants went through some losses. No matter whatever the case might be, it is hard to state anybody a clear winner. However, some companies are likely to win over this pandemic sooner than the rest? Let’s learn about those firms first.

  • All the successful businesses out there will now have a proper combination of agility and resilience.
  • There will be further artificial intelligence and automation, which, in turn, can enhance the present resilience related to supply chains.
  • All those businesses out there, big or small, are using cloud computing. Will actually not buckle under any pressure associated with the COVID pandemic.

Liquidity is all back in the market:

Mainly because of the government stimulus packs, liquidity is making its way into the market. As per EJ Dalius, and it will keep enough of the present economy afloat. It helps the firms to get out of recession quickly when the lockdowns are lifted.

However, the way things have been structured, chances are high that this liquidity. Will benefit the larger firms over any of the smaller operators, who are actually struggling. So, all in all, it is hard to determine the right scenario now. It all depends on how the world changes.