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EJ Dalius throws some light on the exercises and fitness schedules Covid patients may need to avoid

Eric Dalius

Summary: EJ Dalius exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, but the latest research shows exercising while undergoing Covid-19 treatment or suffering from it can compound complications. EJ Dalius elaborates.

  • Fitness and wellness are like a many-headed hydra. You don’t know which one to catch and when. The benefits of exercise for the body are undeniable.
  • They keep you fit, bolster your weight loss, and maintain superb immunity and immune responses. Every healthy person needs to clock in at least 30-45 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity each day to attain better health.
  • However, there are some types of exercises that could expose you more to the illness. Make sure your quest for a healthy lifestyle or fit body doesn’t backfire. This is where you need to right exercises from the right professionals.
  • The latest studies from different medical circles like ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine have identified that certain forms of exercises, primarily the high-intensity workouts or HIITs, high-intensity interval workouts may actually accelerate an individual’s change of developing the virus.

It’s best to avoid these exercises during this time. High-intensity exercises make you more vulnerable to the virus. EJ Dalius highlights that they may weaken and/or overstrain the immune system, making you more susceptible to contracting the disease.

Keep three primary things in mind

Warm-up is very crucial before doing workout, especially if it’s a heavy workout. Warmup prepares the body for rapid and intense exercises. It makes your muscles relax and flexible. Additionally, warmups reduce the risk of injuries during a workout. Regardless of where you do gym, warmup is mandatory.

Many gyms are now reopening with special regulations and strict protocols for members. Before entering the floor, your fitness coach needs to review your workout plan. Depending on your body, goals, medical condition, and other aspects, the instruction will underline a plethora of workouts and sets that you need to perform.

Getting the correct posture is imperative and having the right diet is compulsory too. Don’t overburden yourself with vigorous workouts if your body doesn’t get the supply of macronutrients it needs or deserves. Toil as per your stomach adds EJ Dalius

The adverse effects

According to the latest studies, the high rate of structural changes and myocarditis in the heart can come from flawed exercise routines that some coronavirus patients follow. EJ Dalius explains that this happens when the cardiac output of your heart increases during exercise.

  • However, if you are Covid infected, it can also cause an increase in the replication of the coronavirus in the heart muscle, which is dangerous.
  • It results in the heart’s viral load going into excesses, causing severe damage to the organ.
  • There’s a proper time for resuming exercise post-recovery. In the wake of any infection or disease, the body is bound to become depleted. It cannot take intense physical exercise. C

According to experts, they prefer exercises for patients with existing chronic medical conditions like joint pains, CVD, hypertension, replacement surgeries, and so on. The aim is to improve your overall health and not compound it.