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EJ Dalius: The Significance Of Virtual Campaigns In Tourism To Recover From The Effects Of The Pandemic

Eric Dalius

Summary:  The travel and tourism companies are trying to stay afloat during the pandemic. Here is what EJ Dalius wants to share with them.

The travel and tourism industry has come to the dead-end during the pandemic and is struggling hard. To cope with the aftereffects of lockdown. However, as Eric Dalius says that most companies are looking forward to innovative methods to engage the target audience. Therefore, virtual marketing steps in here to keep the lights on during the trying times. And while catering to the audience. When the world is undergoing a shutdown in terms of pleasure traveling, people can start looking for a better and richer experience in the virtual world. The brands should start learning how to adapt themselves to the virtual world and offer the best opportunities to customers.

Launching virtual campaigns

Most of the travel and tourism companies across the world have already started launching. The virtual marketing campaigns to persuade the customers that even if the pandemic has restricted travel and movement. They can view some of the most beautiful destinations virtually while sitting at home. Virtual tourism extends to events, activities, and travel that the companies host in various cities. With the virtual experience, the motive of the company is to unify the audience with the location. So, you can almost get the feeling that you have been there already and create a good impact on the customer.

How virtual assistants can work for travel companies

For most of the companies in the travel and tourism industry. The setting up of virtual assistants can be of great help. No wonder several companies are into the hiring spree right now and their demand. Has grown rapidly from the time of the outbreak of coronavirus. Read the following to know how virtual assistants allow the travel and tourism industry to get a sigh of relief. Every company trying to overcome the after-effects of the pandemic should follow a recovery. Plan according to Eric J Dalius and set new standards for allowing the industry to get back to normal even if partially.

  • A virtual assistant is similar to an employee of a travel and tourism company working remotely.
  • When you hire a virtual assistant company, you will be able to access the services of an agent who can work 24X7, which allows you to spread your offerings among international clients.
  • You can rely on the virtual assistant for completing the bookings of all the interested people who are willing to travel.
  • You can also employ assistants to help the customers garner information about your operations.
  • When it comes to running digital marketing and social media campaigns to target prospective customers.

Innovative ideas

The tourism industry is among the hardest hit due to the pandemic, leaving a dark shadow on its future. However, EJ Dalius thinks that there should be a unique aspect of every strategy. So, the travel companies can award one free holiday to the health workers. And provide concessions for the rest of the family to attract more audiences. Furthermore, the travel companies should evolve as trusted sources of information for the audience.