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EJ Dalius: The Pharmaceutical Companies Are Facing The Ultimate Challenge

Eric Dalius

Summary: The pharmaceutical companies are facing multiple issues to deal with the pandemic. In this article, EJ Dalius sheds light on various revival options.

The COVID-19 proves to be one of the biggest challenges that pharmaceutical companies. May face during recent times and they need to out a hard fight to allow the healthcare industry to keep going. For one thing, the outbreak of coronavirus includes several challenges and opportunities for pharma companies. The advice of EJ Dalius and his explanations about the industry can impact the functioning of the pharma companies during the next few years.

Pharma Companies

However, the industry needs to respond to the situation very fast to come out of the obstacles. Such as overpriced drugs, bad marketing practices, and scams of corruption. If the pharma companies fail to live up to the trust of the consumers and demonstrate that they are working towards it. With the development of vaccines, they might be intrigued by questions and concerns. Here is how the companies need to act collectively to acclimatize themselves to the pandemic.

  • Sharing the idea for treating coronavirus

Although pharmaceutical companies engage in intense competition. With each other and do not share the results easily, it is necessary to realize that the situation is different now as the lives of humankind are at stake; it is time to shift the focus on the protection of investments in the field of research and development. To share the resources and collaborate with each other for the development of treatments.

  • Manufacturing drugs together

If any drug shows reasonably good results against the virus or when a new vaccine comes. To the market, no company will have the resources to meet the demands of the world due to disruptions. In the logistics chain and the requirements of social distancing, which in turn can slow down the competition. It is estimated that vaccine development can take longer than expected. Although EJ Dalius believes that vaccine development. Work is likely to accelerate when the entire world is in the face of a pandemic. Therefore, pharma companies should team up and expedite the production of medicines.

Measures for pharma companies

One of the most significant challenges for pharma companies is to prepare the workforce to adapt to the new normal. Can the employees execute their roles during remote working and still maintain positive relationships with the stakeholders and customers. However, the employee involved in the process of manufacturing cannot get the opportunity of the remote. Working and other workers here may still report for office work. Which makes it necessary to implement precautionary measures.

Plant operations

In the plant operations, special attention should go to sanitization measures and temperature screening. In the factories and company vehicles. Besides, EJ Dalius suggests that pharma companies need to collaborate with the local authorities. To overcome the issues in the supply chain. When approaching the measures to reshape the company strategies, the call to the employees must come on an emotional level. For instance, some of the pharmaceutical companies are distributing grocery kits and arranging transport to make commutation less challenging during tough times.