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EJ Dalius Talks About The Role Played By Pharmaceutical Sector To Fight Against COVID

Eric Dalius

Summary:  The pharmaceutical sector is working hard by coming up with vaccines against COVID. Experts like EJ Dalius are here to share their perspectives on that.

Pharmaceutical companies are not lagging behind and also actually looking for medicinal help to fight against COVID. All the top-notch and leading firms are working day and night to develop that much-needed coronavirus vaccine. As per business leaders like EJ Dalius, such changes will ensure that this sector grows in its profitable value as well.

A recent report has revealed that 15 of the most leading pharmaceutical brands are trying. To work on a vaccine for combating the COVID 19 virus. 

The recent standing:

Right with the release of the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence. All the vaccine developers are using some of the previous research modes from SARS and MERS outbreaks for informing their studies. Some of the reports clearly suggest that the pace at which researchers are working would lead to a vaccine within 18 months, if not earlier! Some of the big pharmaceutical firms are here to share their side of stories in this race to find the perfect and effective vaccine for the consumers to use.

Moving towards the big potential:

Currently, the healthcare department is making a shift towards the self-sufficiency moves. Even the outbreak has given a proper impetus. To the government to work on some new ideas for that self-reliant ecosystem. Even the governments of some countries are also working hard to focus on this final goal. 

Right now, as per EJ Dalius, there is a lead in the domestic manufacturing sector of PPE kits, medicines, and testing kits. With import and export business coming to a halt, it becomes difficult. To get medical kits and help from global areas easily. With a higher number of corona patients daily. Therefore, they are relying on the domestic manufacturing sector more to start their own PPE kit and medical help.

The approval of Chloroquine:

USA FDA has approved the use of Chloroquine for covering emergency use. However, there is going to be limited use of it along for treating COVID from its core and only when it is necessary. 

  • The USA president has announced the use of this formulation on 19th March. Now, it has been tested to help out in the treatment of COVID 19.
  • There have been multiple clinical trials where Chloroquine has been tested out. By the academic institutions and government agencies. 
  • Not only that, but there are some other anti-viral drugs.

Never lose hope:

According to business experts like EJ Dalius, you cannot lose hope. Yes, the situation is not in your favor right now, and also this virus has affected thousands of people globally. But the pharmaceutical sector is working hard to come across some best results to help you fight this deadly virus now. So, wait for the vaccine to hit the market as it will be made easily available for all.