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Do you want to launch your business? If yes, then you not only need to prepare for best case scenarios but also worst case scenarios. You must have multiple back-up plans, and when the time is right, you must be ready to make your move. It’s always better to be prepared and work cautiously rather than starting out with no plan in mind. Going into business with a goal will help you streamline your work and manage your expectations. If you do not plan ahead, you’ll face challenges like running out of funds and running into problems with social media branding. Without careful planning, these problems will increase, and soon, they will overwhelm you.


When you start your business, it is essential to assess your current situation. Eric J Dalius is a business expert and entrepreneur who has faced challenges with his business launch, and he has overcome them. Aspiring entrepreneurs should look at him for inspiration.


EJ Dalius Talks about Key Challenges When Launching a Small or Start-Up Business

Eric J Dalius

Finding the market for a product

The most critical challenge for any business is to identify the market for a product. The market you’re looking for corresponds to where your product is in demand. If you cannot find a market, this means that your product is probably not necessary—at least in its original iteration. It is necessary to know who wants your product and why. You need to know who wants to buy your product and when it would be in demand so that you can figure out answers to potential customer’s questions about your product. One of the main reasons why start-ups fail is because they don’t identify their target market beforehand launching their company. There’s no point in creating a product that has zero demand.


One of the best ways to gauge interest in your product is to conduct surveys. Survey results will help you see who your target customers are and how they find out about new products. Surveys can also help you determine who your competition will be. Make sure to ask these relevant questions in your survey so you can collect as much information as possible. Before you launch, you want to be confident that your product will perform well.


Hire and retain the correct employees and staff

If you have decided to hire a few employees and staff, make sure you hire the correct people! Choosing a competent team goes a long way in making your business successful. You need to hire people with the right amount of experience, skills, and abilities (like precise observation and analysis, creative thinking, etc). Most importantly, you need staff and employees who are committed and are willing to work for your brand. Being about to count on your staff should be a given.


Teamwork is the key to launching successfully and maintaining enthusiasm for your brand. But it can be challenging to find the correct combination of employees. Additionally, as a start-up, your funding will be limited, so you have to hire carefully. When you start, it is a good idea to reach out to your network connections to find qualified potential employees. Pew Research found that approximately 40% of the employees are likely to switch jobs within a year or two’s time. Keeping this in mind, you have to find ways to retain talent.


Managing finances and cash-flow

Eric Dalius cautions that poorly managed cash-flow is one of the leading factors that cause start-ups to fail. Figuring out how to balance risk when starting your business is key. Before launching your business, you need to research business and management costs. If there’s no spending flexibility, entrepreneurs can’t seize a profitable business opportunity.


When it comes to finding business funding, there are two main avenues: bootstrapping or procuring money from investors. Bootstrapping presents a tough challenge. You can opt-in to it if you don’t want to become over-dependant on the investors. The latter avenue is one of the most challenging tasks entrepreneurs face, but with earnest, consistent effort, it is possible. But before you approach an investor, make sure that you have a detailed blueprint of the business that ensures the possibility of a favorable ROI. Entrepreneurs must prepare a smart business pitch that considers the possible customer base as well as business procedures so that the investors will trust that their investment will be well managed.


Business Data Processing

Implementing strong data security initiatives is critical if you want your business to succeed. In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is essential, and entrepreneurs must work smart to ensure their (and their customers’) data is secure and sound. If there’s data theft or any other security breach, your start-up will come under scrutiny. This can completely shatter the trust you’ve built with your customers. The number of hackers and cyber-criminals have increased in the past few years, so, it can be challenging to keep business data safe and sound. Amidst all the other things that could possibly go wrong, a security breach poses one of the greatest threats to your business.


Business Competition

With consistent effort and a reliable team, you start-up and small business venture will gain momentum and succeed. But as you succeed, you’ll also find yourself in the midst of a highly competitive pool of other businesses. While competition is beneficial (you can use other companies’ brand recognition to your advantage), you also need to make sure you can compete with your competition by offering top-quality products and services. And, as always, you need good customer service to complement your services. You need to stay in-tune with your audience’s wants and the trends of the market.


Launching your small or start-up business is not simple, but it is not impossible. Along the way, you will face hurdles, pitfalls, and failure. Although you should prepare for the worst, make sure to stay focused on your goal so you can keep moving forward. As an entrepreneur, preparedness is one of the most valuable skills you can foster. If you encounter an unforeseen crisis,you should be able to tackle the situation and resolve it.