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EJ Dalius Navigates The Business World Post-Pandemic

Eric Dalius

Summary: The business leader, EJ Dalius, is here to talk about the business and its standing post-pandemic. Here, he is ready to share some of his profound thoughts.

The pandemic has changed the ways you used to see this beautiful world. Nobody knew that 2020 would invite such a virus, which will change the entire face of the world. Many small businesses even have to close their doors forever because of the financial crisis. At this stage, Eric Dalius would love to talk about some ways in which businesses should navigate the economic sector post-pandemic. Let’s get to learn those details now.

Working on the mapping and spatial analysis:

Previously, businesses were associated with spatial analysis and mapping. During that stage, companies have to work on:

  • Ways to reduce the current footprint by using spatial analysis as it helps in eliminating unwanted locations.
  • They have to re-evaluate sales territories, depending on the business focus, market potential, and employees.
  • It will also focus on acquisition and merger opportunities and trying hard to balance the physical and virtual locations.

However, these are points of the past and won’t work well at this present stage. Now, businesses remain short-lived, so the working areas will also differ quite a bit.

Higher government involvement is here:

Through the entire pandemic scenario, governments have been playing some major roles as an unprecedented interventionist. According to Eric J Dalius, they are actually offering some of the prime and wide-ranging health measures. They are furthermore adding new regulatory responses along with massive stimulus. The effectiveness of such measures has proven to be rather critical in shaping the present ability of countries for protecting not just the economies but the citizens as well.

The current degree of government involvement has met with some criticism from the public as well. With increased economic regulation, governments are likely to continue to offer regulatory and financial support to major industries and key businesses. Businesses can understand and anticipate the growing regulatory and legislative changes and then factor them into strategic calculations. Such government based capabilities will be more major of the corporate strategic requirements now.

Globalization limits can be seen:

This kind of pandemic experience has actually challenged the previous assumptions of any beneficial or advanced globalization process. It is now true that open international travel can lead to virus spread out. So, businesses have experienced a major disruption in the offshore supply chain. There has been a shortage of domestic PPE kit as well. 

With such challenges becoming more apparent, businesses and governments have started to focus more on how they can actually facilitate a diversified supply chain. As per EJ Dalius, they are trying to strengthen the present domestic capacity for some major industries. The main goal over here is the growth of present national procurement requirements and strategies.

On the other hand, this pre-pandemic trend towards open global trade and less free investment flows will continue to rise as it is. Therefore, you get to see some major changes, covering the entire business world. So, being prepared beforehand is the only call left.