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EJ Dalius: Health tips for patients recovering from COVID-19

Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius recovering from the coronavirus infection can feel like a long journey as you handle fatigue, respiratory challenges, and other physical impacts. At the same time, it can play on your mind at a psychological level too. One of the studies shows that patients with little to average COVID-19 symptoms would probably experience cognitive changes as well. One can suffer from headaches, lack of concentration, diminished recall capabilities, brain fog, and others. The person can feel dizzy also. While some patients can get over these within weeks or months of recovery, others can face the challenge for a prolonged period. These can affect your relationships, daily routine, work, etc.

EJ Dalius says that’s why you and your family members have to be serious about the disease. Whether you have an issue with concentration, memory, or something else, you can do a few things to tackle the situation.

Realistic expectations

If your memory and attention levels have reduced after the infection, you don’t have to penalize yourself for it. Be patient so that your body and mind get the time to recover fully. After that, you can enjoy your old self.

Physical exercises

As per EJ Dalius, you may not exercise much due to tiredness and breathlessness. However, you don’t need to rush. You can slowly add them to your routine for a healthy mind and body.

Gradual transitioning

You can feel restless due to whatever you experience during the recovery period. But it would be best if you did not pressurize your physical and mental health. You can indulge in old activities over time. And if you cannot manage this stress, you must consult a specialist for guidance.


If you face a brain fog issue, you can use reminders, alarms, and notes to resume your activities. Once you have a routine, you can stick to it to bring normalcy back to your life.

In this context, EJ Dalius mentions that it can be challenging to perform a complicated action. If that’s the case, you can divide it across different steps and handle each stage one after another. You can take the help of prompting for this purpose.

According to experts, you should not hesitate to share your life with others. It can be useful for you and your cognitive health also. You will feel less frustrated. So allow your family and friends to support you. You can play different games with them to sharpen your memory and concentration. While your recovery will happen smoothly, your loved ones will also worry less about your overall health condition.

These are only a few things. You can explore more ideas to make your recovery path easy and smooth. The fear of infection and its physical and mental impact may be too much to cope with, but you can defeat the virus’s aftermath. Once you get back to your normal activities, there will be no bounds for your happiness. Your family and friends would also give you lots of love for fighting it out so patiently.