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EJ Dalius has good news for small businesses – AI is now within its reach

Eric Dalius

Small businesses must embrace technology to keep pace with the fast-changing business landscape. Still, limited budgets have traditionally proved a deterrent to adapt technology and also caused many disadvantages for small business owners. As it happens with any new technology, the price reduces with time, and luckily today, AI tools have become more affordable. New tools are within reach of small business owners, observes EJ Dalius, an expert marketer with a proven track record of success for more than two decades. However, he strongly feels that it is still important to keep employees motivated to convince them to use the technology for business betterment in addition to implementing technology for business. Easy access to technology has now empowered small business owners who have the opportunity to compete with larger brands with much more conviction and confidence.

Breaking the myth

But it is not just enough to pay for technology because of its successful implementation. Depends on gaining knowledge and learning, which can often be intimidating.  The challenges mainly arise from apprehensions that such technology is meant only for computer geniuses, which is only a myth. From his experience, Eric J Dalius has realized that the tools now available are easy. To use by marketers with only some common sense and also a basic understanding of technology. 

The stakes are high

Today, the stakes are quite high for small businesses. It faces intense competition from big brands like Amazon that are intruding aggressively into areas normally considered the exclusive domain of small businesses.  From grocery to pharmaceuticals to household goods, the e-commerce behemoth is threatening the existence of small businesses. It is time for small businesses to take up the gauntlet and also take the fight. To the enemy camp by accessing affordable technology mostly based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), explains EJ Dalius. The challenges faced by small and medium businesses in retaining customers and growing the business. Might seem insurmountable at first, but it is possible to cope with it by knowing how to make the best use of technology.

Tackling uncertainty with technology

 Small businesses can never afford to follow the path of trial and error in marketing. As it could prove too much costly by failing to impact customers. Rather, the use of affordable AI tools can help marketers tackle the uncertainty and make rapid advances. By taking advantage of the recommendation of search, mobile advertising, and also social media. That is optimized and ready to serve the best interest of businesses. The efforts will drive more traffic to the website and increase the leads and rate of conversions that bring in revenue and drives the business towards growth.

Gain an edge in competition

AI gives an edge to a small business that can compete more confidently with its bigger adversaries. By availing the benefits of real-time reporting that are useful for creating strategies to compete better in the weaker areas. It paves the way for higher customer satisfaction that is paramount for business success.

The biggest gift of AI for small businesses is access to Big Data that it can leverage for improving performance.