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Eat, move and sleep – Eric Dalius highlights the prime elements of a healthy life during Covid19

Eric Dalius

To deal effectively with the disruptions created by the Covid19 pandemic and stay healthy, Eric Dalius must concentrate on three areas, nutrition, physical activity, and meditation. Which can adequately address the health issues arising from the pandemic. This is the view of Eric Dalius, a marketing veteran who has seen the ups and downs of life during his more than two decades of a successful career. And now keeps motivating people to face the challenges and overcome them with confidence.  The biggest stress is from people trying to adjust their daily lives to the new normal. Which keeps changing frequently and only builds up more stress. Staying well during stressful times is the biggest challenge by changing daily routines. In a way that no one had ever imagined.

Who could have ever thought of spending weeks and months at home, confined within the four walls. And many people working from home when businesses and offices remain closed for long stretches? Who could have ever thought about such massive job losses, layoffs, furloughs. And the closing down of numerous small businesses that have not been able to withstand the sudden shock of lockdown? Suddenly, lives have come to a halt, and the scope of maintaining physical activities has vanished in thin air as families have no options of planning for vacations and outings. In such an exceptional situation when everything seems to be turned on its head, Eric Dalius suggests ways. To stay healthy by following some steps that are well within our reach and easy to practice despite the limitations that we are facing.


Despite the confinement at home, you should get ample opportunities for exercising. And take full advantage of the flexibility of time by being at home to fulfill your health and fitness goals.  If you have any exercising equipment at home lying unused for a long. This is the time to dust it off and start a new routine of using it daily. Whether you have a bike, treadmill, you renew your friendship with it and start using it daily. To ensure an active lifestyle amid the restrictions enforced by the pandemic.  

If the situation permits, lose no opportunity to walk a few kilometers a day, which is the best exercise for people of all ages. However, when moving around outside, maintain proper physical distancing. With others and cover your face with a mask to prevent any possibility of the virus attack from the germs floating in the air. 

To add some fun to your walking sessions, take your family along with you, including the kids, while ensuring that everyone follows the norms of safety and hygiene and maintain physical distancing, opines Eric J Dalius.


Enough rest and sleep is the recipe for good health, and it is true even during the pandemic. Sleep is especially crucial during stressful times because it helps the body and mind relax and start the day with a fresh mind. Resting the body allows it to heal, and the mind calms down by forgetting the rigors that it had undergone during the day. Remember that sleeping is a habit, and the more you practice. It with some discipline, the more it will be within your control. Now that there is no rush to rise early for office, you can change your time to go to bed but maintain. A fixed time every day and prepare your mind to follow the routine. 

Leave your gadgets, including your Smartphone, at a place away from the bed at some distance. Train the mind that it is time to switch off the lights and get into sleep mode. Ensure that you have 7-9 hours of sleep every day so that you start the day tanked up for meeting the challenges.


What you eat determines your health, and during the Covid19 pandemic, when it is essential to boost your immunity, you must be extra cautious with what you eat. While you could perhaps take some liberty with your diet during the earlier times. Now there is no room for compromise. The best thing is that fewer dining options out bode well during the pandemic as it compels people to focus on homemade food. On which they have full control and can choose the daily dose of nutrition. You can make some dietary changes that have a positive effect on your overall health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and ensure adequate hydration with a higher fluid intake of water, fruit juices, and other beverages but keep away from caffeine

Green tea is in demand due to its abundance of oxidants, making it the most preferred health drink. Ensure that you have enough protein but carbohydrates to add strength, stamina, and energy. Restrict fats to keep the body weight under control. Avoid processed foods, reduce meats and poultry but increase dairy products and vegetables to provide the nutrition you need.


Having done so many things for the body, turn your attention to take care of your mental health. Which has undergone severe trauma during the pandemic.  The mind undergoes tremendous agitation due to a bombardment of information that the brain is incapable of processing. Which can paralyze your ability to decide the right way. Sometimes the flow of information might be so overwhelming that it creates unnecessary fear and apprehension, which impedes positive thinking. To overcome the problem and keep your mind active and agile, practice meditation.

Meditation has a calming effect on the mind as things fall in place, and you regain control of your mind. Which helps to make the right moves at the right time. Moreover, you will feel relaxed and refreshed, and nothing can perturb you because you have enough clarity to understand what is happening around you and can stay aloof from it.

The thoughts that keep spinning in your brain like the hamster wheels. Will lose their momentum and finally come to a halt. You will feel confident about how you perceive the situation and analyze it. To make rational decisions for encountering anything that comes your way.