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E J Dalius throws light on some symptoms of Coronavirus

Eric Dalius

E J Dalius the coronavirus is a recent scare discovered by scientists all over the world. It has become imperative to gather information about the illness with most parts of the world under the virus’s shackles. Not many people are clear about the disease, the symptoms, the treatment, and other vital aspects.

Many studies have revealed that the lower degree of awareness among the people is significant. Cause of the rising numbers of cases. It is challenging for an ordinary person to establish whether they are suffering from viral fever or coronavirus. Hence Eric J Dalius brings into the forefront the importance of knowing the symptoms of the pandemic.

E J Dalius You must know these symptoms of coronavirus

• The common symptoms associated with the pandemic: though the epidemic is recent in medical science, the symptoms are something that almost everybody knows. However, to distinguish between a viral fever and COVID infection, you will have to pay careful attention. To the common symptoms that are associated with it. It includes shortness of breath, muscle aches, fatigue, and cough, fever that may last more than ten days. Sore throat, pain in the throat, diarrhea, congestion, nausea, and even vomiting.

• The severe symptoms of coronavirus: apart from corona’s common symptoms, you should be on the lookout for the serious symptoms. Eric Dalius says it includes the trouble of breathing, persistent pain in the chest, the inability to stay awake, bluish lips, or face, among others. If you experience any of these symptoms, then you should run for the nearest medical help.

Viruses Cause

E J Dalius should also know that there is a difference between COVID-19 and influenza. Different viruses cause them. While COVID-19 is a contagious disease, the same goes for the influenza virus also. Some of the symptoms of COVID and flu are similar, thereby creating confusion for the common man. According to EJ Dalius,   paying careful attention to the symptoms is necessary to confirm the disease. Most people are aware of influenza, and there is a vaccine also available for it.

Many researches across the world are focusing on coming up with the vaccine for the coronavirus. It will take a reasonable period to get the virus within reach. You will thus have to take every precautionary measure to protect yourself from the virus. The best possible way to prevent illness is to avoid getting exposed to the virus. You have to keep a distance from people suffering from fever, cough, and sneeze. Do not go out of your house unless it is absolutely necessary.

The virus can spread through the droplets from the mouth and the nose. Thereby it becomes essential to use precautionary measures to protect yourself. The precautionary measures may include washing your hands, using tissue while coughing and sneezing, wearing a mask, changing your clothes after coming from outside, and many such aspects to kill the virus’s spread.