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Creative Ways to Spend Your Musical Downtime

Productivity during musical downtime

Releasing a single, an EP, or an entire album requires a lot of effort and planning. First, you have to write and record music, and then you have to undertake promotional efforts to ensure people hear your music. But how do you keep your productivity levels high during the downtime between song releases?

No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot make music all the time. Thus, the way you spend your time after a major music release is going to get your creative juices flowing for your next musical project. In this article, we look at some creative ways to spend your musical downtime.

1.     Launch a YouTube Series

If you have some songs you wish to upload on YouTube, you can perhaps do it in the form of a daily series. You can also talk about the backstory of the songs and allow your personality to come through.

2.     Work on Your Booking Pitches

Is your booking pitch a little dry? Or perhaps you aren’t getting the kind of response you feel you should. In that case, you can use your musical downtime to update your booking pitch and make sure it’s short, sweet, and to the point.

3.     Come Up with Your Own Challenge

At some point during your musical downtime, you must have sat down to scroll through the deep abyss of the internet and found yourself still scrolling many hours later.

You might have seen fun challenges on Facebook, TikTok, etc., so why not make your own challenge?

For instance, you might have seen viral clips of music blasting from people’s balconies in the streets of Italy, where everyone sings together. You can challenge your fans to post a video of them singing your song on their balconies.

4.     Take Music Lessons

No matter how experienced or talented you are, there’ll always be room to evolve and grow as an artist. Whether it’s vocal lessons or guidance aimed at helping you learn a new musical instrument, signing up for music lessons during your creative downtime can offer long-lasting advantages.

5.     Go for a Walk

Being crammed inside a van during your tours or spending weeks in a small music studio can crush your soul. One amazing way to unwind and discover new inspiration is by taking a stroll in nature. Switch off your mobile, leave your laptop behind, and relax in a silent and scenic spot.

You might find yourself burdened with anxiety or overwhelmed by your surroundings. Remember, there is value in your experience regardless of what it is. Rather than disregarding your feelings, make an effort to look at them closely and understand the meaning behind them. Doing so can be a reinvigorating break from music or the start of your next venture.

Last Few Words

It can be tough to break away from your regular musical routine if you have been invested in a project for a lengthy period. Nevertheless, making an effort to look after yourself and evolve during your musical downtime is going to help you both personally and professionally.