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Boost your employee engagement with top virtual event activities- an EJ Dalius presentation

Eric Dalius

Remote work is the current and future reality. The trend was already picking pace EJ Dalius before the pandemic, but now it has officially arrived, and with it, various virtual directives have also come.

Since organizations have slowed down their recruitment process, those in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition fields are shifting their time and scope from external hiring to internal workforce engagement.

  • They are rethinking and retooling employee experience, and finding new ways for adapting myriad ways of inter-personal culture and turning them into virtual experiences.
  • Since remote work is the new norm, companies need to take a fresh approach to workforce engagement to retain talent and preserve the corporate culture, says Eric Dalius.
  • It all starts with updating your communications strategy. It’s crucial to have robust internal communications, but they attain more importance in the face of team distributions.
  • You need to consider new content or channels for informing your employees.

It helps in developing a task force for employee experience. You can also leverage your ERGs or employee resource groups.

Exploring some ideas

From slack channels and Quarterly Christmas to bonuses, you’ve numerous ways to boost engagement with your remote staff. EJ Dalius lays down a starter list.

  • Quarterly Christmas came in vogue a few years back. You send holiday greetings and cheer to your virtual team members.
  • Companies can put a modest cap on their per-person budget, which is $20-$25. It’s flexible and you can change it any quarter.
  • To provide a package, you can send humble tech gear, such as movie passes, books, or advanced chargers. It’s great fun to send surprise packages through email.
  • A spreadsheet Pixel art is an unmissable virtual event. Spreadsheets can be very useful when you use them for art that mimics Monet, Da Vinci, and Picasso.

It’s a fun activity to do with remote teams and boost engagement. It can be a compelling, collaborative competition, game, or an art show.

  • Regardless of your choice, Spreadsheet Pixel Art can deliver a splendid time together for your business and your online team.
  • One of the most popular virtual employee engagement activities is to create a You are Awesome channel with a hashtag, and float it on Slack.
  • You can also run the thread in an email thread or/and other shared mediums.

More on the activities

Eric J Daliusexplores more such options for companies. Trivia Night is one such event. These are in-person functions that don’t perpetually translate seamlessly into virtual environments.

  • The companies have found new scopes to tweak the format and ensure the sequence and flow of the event becomes practical.
  • A family trivia evening has themed questions and rounds for kids of your employees.
  • You create different reward categories and organize dress-up nights in compliance with your theme. Stand-up comedy is another fantastic method, where leading standup comedians can perform over Google Meet or Zoom.

Comedy events can work wonders at lunch because it provides a superb break during the day’s grind. Virtual Yoga and virtual cocktail classes and parties are also great ways to engage your employees.